Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Well everyone, Happy Belated Christmass!!! Haha.... Well, ive not blogged in awhile and a lot has been going on since. Too much to put down everything that has happened, so I'll just put in the highlights. First of all, the biggest highlight, is that I got diarhoea yesterday. No, seriously! What a bummer. Was in pain the whole day. Didn't even eat the whole day. Well, I don't think you guys want me to go into the specific details of diarhoea, so moving on..... Well, on the 26th, I went to church to celebrate my group's feastday, which is St. Stevens Day. Not bad, played human monopoly which was really interesting and fun. I actually enjoyed an event organised by Lucas, or rather I should say, I actually saw Lucas organise an event. He is supposed to be the event coordinator of the group, but so far, plus this one, he has only organised 2 events out of the whole year. Well, since it was organised last minute, it didnt go 100% right, but it was at least 90% right. He didnt even get prizes which was the real bummer. Then went on to my cousins place. Was not bad. Got to watch some EPL, hear the people there sing and play the guitar, and then play "The Animal Game". One day I'll teach you guys how to play it, if you ask me nice, hehe.... But each time we lose, we had to down a shot of Gin. Nasty!!! In a few days time, going to my Godparents place, then to my auntie's place. Then doing a church marathon for new years. Going for an archdiocese alterserver thingy on the eve, then back to my parish at 11pm, then back there at 7am, then the next day, back there at 7am again. Wow! Now you guys know why I don't blog often nowadays. Well, seeing how I've spoilt your eyes from all these highlights, I'd better sign off. Till next time, Compliments of the Season!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Bro's Birthday

Christmass is coming, the goose is getting fat, let us put a penny in Ian Binny's hat! If you haven't got a penny, a simple wish will do. And if you haven't got a wish, then may God Bless you!!!

Well yes, now this time is my bro's birthday. Today. My sis decided to get him a hp, and I thought I'd bettre share with her as it must cost a bomb. And it's just as well as I didn't know what to get my bro this year. Anyway, I paid for only like 15% of the cost of the gift. The hp got camera some more. Mine until now doesn't even have colour! *sigh* Anyway, Watched National Tresure yesterday with my secondary school mate Idrus. Not bad the show, but I think it would have been more exciting if I knew American history well. The clues to the treasure being about what some American dudes did before. Anyway, I finally bought for myself new street soccer shoes. Turf kind. Finally! But now I'm running low on cash. Hopefully I get paid in full tomorrow on my payday. Well, as Adeline mentioned in her blog, I too can't wait to watch Meet the Folkers, the sequel to Meet the Parents. Meet the Parents was sooo funny, that I can't wait to see this sequel. And Christmass is only a few days more! Can't wait, Can't Wait! The celebration, the lights, the colour, wow! Its a one of a kind celebration and holiday. Cool! Till then, I wish all my blog readers a great festive season ahead! Ciao for now! :D

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Well, I am now working. Its tiring but at least I get some pocket money. And I get to work from Monday to Friday only. The thing is, I'm working the graveyard shift. My work starts at 10:30pm and ends at 6:30am. Its labour. I work at Singpost, sort a bit of mail, carry lots of sacks of mail and load them into the trucks. At least there is a lot of breaks. I once worked the afternoon shift cause they needed people, 2 words- Never Again! Even if they begged me. Work like a dog and the pay isn't worth it. Went for Nqiap's birthday party on Saturday. Wayne didnt come and neither did Janice. In fact, none of the forward gang came except Chin Chong. Well it was buffet style, and we had cake as well. Bought him a Spawn figurine. I liked it, haha.... Well that the new fantastic four poster above. I had to put it in. It looks great! Can't wait to watch it. Went Malaysia on Monday to buy new clothes for Christmass. So now I have more shirts to add to the orgy of shirts that I got on my Birthday. Haha.... I'm getting trendy :P Well Im pretty tired now. Jus came back from work to update. Can't think of what else to write. ZZZzzzz......

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Dec Babies!

Well, Abraham's birthday is today, so is Nqiap's. Happy Birthday guys! Mine is on the 3rd, My mum's is on the 2nd, my auntie's on the 4th, my uncles on the 1st, my brothers on the 23rd, and I'm sure i missed out a few as well. So many birthday's, so little time, as well as so little money. Don't forget that Christmass is on the 25th and well, talk about the festive season! There is really a lot of festivities and celebrations this month. Wow! Well my Birthday celebrations went great. Except the speech part. Everyone was chanting "speech!", so I decided to give em what they wanted. Except in the end, I think everyone was just saying that for fun, and I had to cut the long story short. I think what they just wanted was for me to give a "toast", whish is totally different. Anyway, I recieved an orgy of shirts on my birthday. Everyone except my family gave me shirts. But hey, they were nice and you can't go wrong with a practical gift. Wayne was the only one who gave me a wallet. Well next is Nqiap's birthday party on the 11th at his place. Heard it's going to be buffet style. Yeah! My stomach is getting bigger. But do I care?! Noooo.....!!!! Army will help me lose all my fats. And I get paid for it! Woohoo!!! Yeah rite.... Went for training yesterday with Alfred. So long never go. Now I'm aching all over. Well folks I leave you with that and my well wishes these holidays! (:

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...... Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Haha.... Actually it was yesterday, so I'm wishing myself a belated birthday! Almost got wasted drinking with my friends yesterday. Yeah! Woohoo!!!! (:

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Mum's b'day

Well folks, today is my mums birthday. My sis wanted to share the gift, partly cause she does not have much money, so we got her some lip gloss thingy and some makeup thingy, you know, girls stuff. Well anyway, what a hectic week. My house has new windows, and to install them, we had to move stuff away from the windows, and my dad thought it would be a great idea to spring clean the house and repaint my room at the same time. My gosh! The house was in a mess, didnt know where to start, and I hate painting! Was taking a break and playing computer, got ingrossed, and my dad got mad. Well anyway, Blades coming out on Dec 8! Cant wait to watch it. Abigail Whistler, aka Jessica Beil, has a bow that can kill vampires!!! Saw the trailer. Wow! Not the arrows, the bow! The bow string has ultraviolet light to kill vampires. What the %*$#!!! How cool is that?!!! I'll tell you! Very Cool!!! Okay... *takes deep breaths* Anyway, Liverpool actually won Arsenal. Neil Mellor actually scored, and what a goal it was! I nearly flew out of my chair watching it! And just this morning, they actually won Tottenham! I didnt think they could win anymore with they amount of injuries they have. Well, looks like theres still a glimpse of hope for the Anfield faithfull. And Taufik won. I was hoping he wins. But the whole racial thing really is irritating. I didnt vote. Hopefully, hoping he won was good enough, haha.... Well what a week its been folks! Lots of exclamation marks to excite even a snail!!! I shall leave you with more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2004


Well, its finally official. Ive passed my exams and will soon get my Diploma in Information Communications Technology. No more Poly. Well, while everyone like Indra was dancing up and down in happiness, I started having that feeling that a lot of crap is going to hit me and hit me hard. And that crap is spelled A-R-M-Y. Have still not recieved my enlistment letter. Well anyway, to celebrate Indra's happiness, we went to orchard. Went Far East to eat lunch. I had rice in chilli crab sauce. Not bad. Served in a hot plate with seafood. No crab meat though. How ironic. Then chased a few short skirts till we finally arrived at cineleisure and played arcade there. I had to go home early so I only played one game of Daytona. My car for some reason damn slow. Indra had fun playing Spawn and a game called 18 wheeler, where you have to drive this truck to a destination in a certain time. He was really enjoying himself. Haha..... I bought a Incredible Hulk comic for the first time. It was an old comic and it cost me just 1 buck, so why not. Not bad. Indra didnt buy. His reason? I quote,"If you buy ten, then you'll be spending $10." I was like thinking, then just buy 1! Anyway, not bad. Had fun. Later going out with my mom to watch a play performed by Cheryll Miles, my cousin. Well thats all I have for today. Be back soon to post another "exciting" post on my life. Haha..... remember- To Infinity, and Beyond!

Monday, November 22, 2004


Yo folks! How's it hanging? Haha... Just came back from my trip to Kuala Lumpur. Can you believe it, that this was my first time there? And not only that, that this was my first overnight stay outside of Singapore without my parents? Well anyway, went there, saw the twin towers, but didnt go up. Wanted to. Went 1hr after it opened in the morning, and all the tix was sold out to school kids and tour groups. What a bummer! Watched a movie in Malaysia for the first time. Saw The Incredibles! Not bad. To me, it was better than Shark Tale. The cinema, only a bit more spacious in terms of the aisle, but thats about it. Lots of 1st times here. 1st time in a 5 star hotel. My friend had a 60% discount voucher, so we took it. They had cable, so it was a whole night of switching between ESPN and Star Sports watching soccer. They had a hellava spacious bathroom! 2 sinks, 1 bathtub and 1 shower room. Service was great. 1st time I see smiling malaysians serving us. Had little time to shop there. 1st time going to church there. Not bad. 1st time ate prata there. Prata there is delicious! Dont know why they cant do it like that here. And its cheap too. 1st time walked across the causeway to malaysia. Not a bad experience. I wouldnt mind doing it again. The hotel had a swimming pool and gym to use for free. Just used the swimming pool. Nothing much. It was on the 6th floor. It was kinda cool knowing that. Overall, the trip was quite rushed, so not much time to properly enjoy it. Before KL, won a pair of tix to see 'Saw'. Not bad. Disgusting and gory. Which is why I thought it was a good show. More than lived up to my expectations in the gory department. Give it a 6.5 rating as story line was not bad, but also at the same time, not that great. Well, my post is quite long today. Will stop here. Til next time, Thundercats, Roar!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Hari Raya!

Well folks, yesterday, 10pm, the above show was on, on channel i. It was meaningless but hilarious. Wouldn't waste money watching it in the cinema though. Haha.... How did they come up with such an idea? The wonders of the human mind.... or is it frailties of the human mind? Anywho... went out with Indra and Ngiap on friday to geylang. Since I couldn't eat any land based animal meat on that day, I bought fried crab to eat. Indra chipped in a lot. Thanks dude! It was helluva delicious! The shell was fried so much till it was sooo crispy. And it was fried with temerine. My gosh! Slurp! Next hari raya must buy again. They only sell it during the fasting month period. Cost $10 for the whole fried crab but every ounce of it was worth it! Navy sent me a recruitement thingy in the mail. Ngiap got it too. They did a transformers comic navy style. Came with 2 cards, a nice transparent bookmark which I can't find now (Darn those transparent things!) and a very small transformers keychain thingy. My dad, a former navy man, was commenting on how great the navy was when he saw it, before telling everyone its a crazy idea to sign on. All I have to say is, Contradiction, a new scent by Kelvin Kline. Well tuesday I have to go school to return some library stuff. Might meet Wayne. Well that's all for todays report. Well, I'm Ian, signing off.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Well,yesterday went out with ngiap for training. Coach did not come so we trained ourselves. Long time never run. Nearly died doing a mere 400m sprint. Been going gym only. Then had dinner with him. On tuesday met Wayne at school while I was returning my DVD. He had to meet school counceller for a report to be sent to the police. Then he drove me to his house where I just read his comics. Tomorrow Ngiap and Indra coming over to my house then going out for dinner. Been waiting for my enlistment letter. Im hoping to get it soon and hoping that I can go in before Christmass, but right now, it looks very unlikely. Looks more like I'll be going in January. Well, been doing nothing much. Going out here and there for awhile and just enjoying life I guess. Reading comics, playing pc games. Well, I'll be waiting for that letter. Not eagerly, but more of a 'I cant wait to get it over' feeling. Well thats it for my blog today. As Koko would say, "Koko Crunch!"

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Its Over!

Mummy!!! Its over!!! *sob*

Well, its finally over. I haven't gotten my results yet, but I think this is it. No more poly. Im really really sad. Really really going to miss it. I dont want to repeat again though. Dont want to waste my parents money. Going to miss especially Wayne, Ngiap and Indra. From last semester, Aisya, Jasmine and Kelvin. Going to miss the rest of the forward gang and some teachers. I know I can meet up and go out with them, but I wont be meeting them as often as last time- Monday to friday in school. And once army hits, it will be very very hard. Well, as the song goes, I hope you had the time of your life, and in SP, I did. haiz, so sad. *sob* Sorry I've not updated for so long, but sometimes my blogger posting page screws up. Well, Au Revoir! Ciao! Sayonara! Arigato! Goodbye and Thank You SP, for giving me great friends, good teachers, and a great time!

Friday, October 29, 2004


Well, there goes the invicible woman pic. *sob* Oh well. Now here's a pic for woman to drool over. Yes, they have finally found someone to play Superman. After years of searching high, low, in the sewers and in the mirror as well, they have got Brandon Routh. He's played small cameo roles in Gilmore Girls and Will & Grace, but he's a relative unknown. Duh! Well, Ive just finished my IAD exam. Dont think I did too well. Hopefully Mr. Choo will help me. PLEASE! Im begging You! From the heart of my bottom! :P Everyone seems to have known the answer to question 2 except me. EXCEPT ME! Well, at least thats one paper down, and now theres 2 more to go till my stress levels drop. Speaking of stress levels, one word- Ngiap. He's gone to a whole new level. I always have to try real hard to go through what I'm going to say when I'm with him. Usually, I manage to say the right thing or correct myself before he says something sarcastic. Now, he has managed to go one level up and stil say something sarcastic eventhough ive tought it out carefully. Wel, what to do. Will say more after exam. But for now this is all I have to post. As Coco would say, Coco Crunch!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I'm Full!

Yesterday, I just recovered from the flu. Its getting real irritating. I seem to attract it really well. Then went out to have dinner with my friends at Chimes, as one of them had a 50% off voucher. It was the last day to use it. I took the second cheapest thing on the menu, which was a BBQ 1/2 chicken. My gosh! I think now I might have to join Indra in his Ramadhan and start fasting! The chicken used was not the normal spring chicken. It was bigger than my head and it came with lots of fries and small potatoes as well! I cant believe I managed to walk out of there after that. And everyone else who bought something expensive, their dish was much smaller than mine! I'm so full, I'm sure I can go the whole of today without eating. I feel bloated and sick to my stomach. And I just recovered from the flu. Well, I didnt study yesterday, so I'm now a day behind in studying. I got a schedule set up for myself, and now I'm a day behind. I hope I can catch up on Monday. Going school to study and most probably meet Ngiap there. Going to have a game of soccer later. Hopefully, that helps in the digestion. My cousins coming over my place to eat lunch later. Dont know how im going to eat then. Well dats it. Wish me well. These days I need it!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Negotiation Skills Test

This show, Batman Begins, is coming out next year. Michael Caine is playing Alfred the butler. Ken Watanabe, who to me is famous for his role in The Last Samurai, is playing Ra's Al Ghul the villain, Gary Oldman as Comissioner Gordan, and a host of other well known actors such as Morgan Freeman, Liam Neelson, Katie Holmes, and of course, Christian Bale as the Dark Night himself. Im not a DC fan, but Batman is still kinda cool. Cant wait to watch it. You can view the pics at http://batmanbegins.warnerbros.com/photos.html. Well, had Negotiation Skills test today. Was surprised that some people are expecting to fail this course. Found out Indra got highest for his class for his mid-semester. Also got my lab test marks for NWI. Got 92. Surprised myself. By the way, when I write my blog, some have noticed and commented that it does not run in chronological order. Well, today, I shall continue to not run it in cronological order. Back to my story..... Well folks, the guy who gave me hell and a headache thinking up a strategy for NWI role play for his group, Ranjeet, actually came up to me and wanted to just talk crap. Was surprised. Makes me gonna miss poly more. Mr. Nazir Nasir (not the footballer, the NWI teacher as Ngiap calls him) told me and Indra that our group got highest for NWI assignment for the class. He's a nice teacher that guy. On Tuesday, did FYP Presentation. Everything went great. Finally its over. Thank you Indra. After that, waited to attend MOBC tutorial and lecture. Me, Indra and Ngiap, 3 guys just waiting. And waiting. In the end, both had no lesson. What a waste of time. Especially for Ngiap. Well, gona study IAD tomorrow with Indra, Wayne and Ngiap. Why do I always group their names in that order....??? Anyway, Thats all I have for today folks. Another long blog entry. Hope you guys didnt piss on the monitor for such a bad entry. Well, till death do us part, Toodle-loo! (:

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Near the End!

I learnt this from Indra, and I'm trying it out cos it looks cool! :P

Well folks, this week has been busy busy busy! IAD practical is over, so is MOBC, so is NWI, so is my Negotiation Skills role play and so is my NAFA test. Negotiation Skills went fine. Better than expected. I think we kicked ass! NAFA test went great for me. Got a bronze which was my aim. Got 3 personnal bests. 2.4km did in 12.40. Pull-ups I actually did 3. And Standing Broad Jump jumped at 220, which was great! Considering that I messed that up 3 times and had to jump 4 times to finally get it right. Have yet to thank my coach for giving me the training techniques necessary to improve myself. This week has been filled with laughs and great eye candy. The short skirt girl has once again been sighted last friday and there were distractions during NAFA. WoW! Keep those distractions coming! Indra did something to Ngiaps shoe. You have to ask him yourself. It was funny and disgusting at the same time. Than at Burger King, Indra was so mad happy, he lifted his cup up to Cheers, and than wanted to yamseng, only to spill his fries all over his lap. Then at Isetan, 'helped' Ngiap choose fruits by announsing loudly what to buy to help him shit better. Indra, Indra...... By the way, got to thank him and Ngiap for their help in the various projects we had. Without them, passing this semester would be much much harder. Thanks dudes! Hope we can keep in touch after school. Hope to keep in touch with Wayne as well. A great buddy! Got Negotiation Skills test next week wednesday and FYP presentation next week tuesday. Than, the final exams. Wow! It'll be a thrilling last ride. Hope it doesnt end too soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

White Chicks

Sorry dudes and dudettes for not updating for so long. Its been a real stressfull week for me. Thought IAD was done and over with. Then during interview, got screwed so hard, my ass still hurts till now. Got asked funny questions that I thought shouldnt have been asked during presentation and was told to continue decoding. What a nightmare! I hope the other groups are not angry at me for not helping, but seriously, I cant help when I dont know how and what to do. Mr. Choo, the IAD teacher, exagerated upon how much our group knew, i feel. I understand how it works, but how to apply, I have no ding dong idea! We didnt correct Mr. Choo upon how much we knew cos if he thinks we know, well, he wouldnt hassle us upon any copying bullshit. Now got MOBC project to do, and have to touch up FYP which isnt so bad. Have you realised that there are times when people say "FYP project", or write it down as such? Isnt that wrong since FYP stands for "Final Year Project". So if you say "FYP Project", you're actually saying "Final Year Project project"? Moving on........ Watched White Chicks yesterday. Ive heard a lot of gals rave about it and thought that it surely isnt that funny and they must be exagerating or really enjoy watching guys act like idiots when pretending to be girls. Then I watched it. Man, I'd give it 2 thumbs up and a toe. Its hilarious! It REALLY is funny! They even make fun of the girls. You just have to watch it. Its a one of a kind show. Went out with my ex to watch it. Since ive broken up, always feel a bit awkward going out with her. I acted like an idiot, trying extra hard to be funny. Awkward. Then at the end of the day, had to sit down, and slowly take it all in. Went to time myself for a 2.4km run on friday. Clocked in at 13.06. 50 seconds away. Thats really quite far. My friend timed. Said on my 5th round it was 10 minutes. Then I blew it on my 6th round. Dont know how like that. Well folks, I think some of you may have fallen asleep or are getting drowsy after reading so much, so I'll sign off. As zorro would say, Adios amigos!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Hello kiddies. Sorry I took away the spongebob song. Hope no one is getting withdrawal symptoms because of that. I know I am....... Well..... Moving on, an update on my life. On Sunday, I went to attend my cousins baptism. Its a ceremony where my cousin becomes a catholic. My parents were chosen to be the Godparents for my cousin Alicia. Last year, they were chosen as well to be the Godparents of Alicia's twin sisters. I never realised this till my grandmother pointed it out, but now I have quite a few Godsisters. Anyway, past few days been doing nothing much. Have not even been going training, and my NAFA is next week. Im sure I'll fail. Quite frankly, Im just going there to see how good I am. Sad isnt it? Well DONT be! Its me! Im happy so you should be too! Damnit! ....withdrawal symptoms kicking in....... spongebob...... Well..... moving on, cant wait to see the above movie. Blade! I thought the first one was better than the second one in terms of a storyline. But what the heck! Its a cool movie bro! And its from Marvel, So I'll have to make it a point to see it. Well thats it......spongebob.........................

Friday, October 01, 2004


Wah! Finally finished IAD project and passed up. Well..... Not exactly finished. A lot cannot work, but there was a deadline and so we passed up what we had as it is. My gosh, we were late and you should have seen us run! If only I can run like that for my 2.4km run during the NAFA test. Indra asked me if I could feel the air going through my Clima-Cool Addidas shoes as I ran. All I could feel was my lungs about to burst! And all I could think of was how am I going to get the next breath of air. If we ran the Amazing Race like that, we would have won that competition on the first day! What a run. Had to tactically run behind Indra so that he could clear the way. Later I still have to meet my friend for training. After that run, I feel lazy and I don't feel like running again. Lucky I wore my track pants today and not jeans. Dont know how I would have run in that. Dont know what else to write. My whole brain and body is still recovering from that run and trying to breathe. Well folks, think I'll make it a short one and stop here for today. And I leave you with this quote:- Those who think too hard, is rea..............

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Invisible Girl!

Wow! Look at that folks. That pic is of Jessica Alba starring in the new Fantastic Four movie by Marvel comics as of course, Invisible Girl. Doesnt she look great? OF COURSE she does! What kind of stupid question is that? Well anyway, for you folks who wants to see other pics of the movie, and movie details, you can visit this site- http://www.superherohype.com/news/fantasticfournews.php?id=2014. I'll be putting up more pics of upcoming movies in the future. Especially if they're as hot as this one! Wel, been doing nothing much these past few days. Passed up FYP report and now have to get ready for presentation. Finally, all the headache for FYP is over. Now for the next headache- IAD! *sigh* Well thats all I gota say folks. Gota go take some academic panadols.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Well, from the heading, I am sure you guys (and gals) can tell how far my team went in the soccer tournament. We played well but did not do enough to reach the semis. So far, we've been reaching the quarter-finals and not the semis for a few years running. Well our team had the youngest goal scorer in the history of Catholic Shield. Move over Wayne Rooney, we've got Ignatius Wang! Haha! Anyway..... Yesterday I also saw my secondary school best friend, Idrus! Its been years since ive seen him! At first he did not notice me, then I called out his name, and we then began talking about the good ol days (well they werent actually all that good) and did some catching up on each other, for 2 whole hours! What a day! Hope to meet up with him again. By the way, for those trying to reach me by my HP, at the moment, DONT! Anyway you wont be able to. My line has been totally suspended. I will call Starhub on Monday and see how from there. Got back my last paper from MST, and at least I passed. Didnt do too well, but still managed to have the top marks for the guys. Dont know how that happened. Its definitely a first for me. Nqiap was left fuming. One of the questions for MCQ, he picked the right answer, but due to a typo error, everyone got the marks wheather they got it wrong or right. And I was one of them who got it wrong, but still got the marks. Haha! Hooray for typo errors! Woohoo! Well thats it for today. Cheerios! And while you're at it, get me some Twisties! :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Soccer Tournament

Well thats the joke of the day folks. Will put up more in the future. Like my new song? Hehe.... Well anyway, been trying to do IAD project. Its one helleva problem. Plus didnt get additional help because the teacher and Indra got into a fight over a small problem. Those two are two of a kind. Well its been causing me headache. Dont know if can finish by next week. Got to see my MOBC marks. It was not too good, but at least I passed. Got a soccer tournament this saturday. Hope can win. The tournament is called Catholic Shield. Its a church thing. Well thats all I have to say today. Peace Out!

Monday, September 20, 2004


Today school was boring and I felt lethargic. Teacher didnt know what to do, Asistant didnt know the problem and the class was left hanging. But for the first time during NWI practical I was right about something. So proud of myself. Only problem with that is that when you do something right for the first time, all your group mates wont believe you. Well anyway got back my first paper from MST and I passed. The marks were not very good but neither were they very bad as well. When I first got it, 1st thing that came to my mind was shit. How bad it looked and smelt. Im reffering to my marks of course. Then I realised that the teacher miscalculated and left out a whole 10 marks. *Phew* So that got corrected and now thats one paper down, two more to go. Indra wrote simple answers and they were actually correct. And he was watching Tora Tora (War Show), and soccer while studying. Maybe I should try that in the future, haha! Met Indra in the bus. Usually I dont take the bus to school but I left my house early and there he was. Went Macs to eat lunch. Wanted to try the new prawn burger but my school hasnt started selling it yet. Either that or they dont intend to. Had a Big Mac in the end. We talked about the Emmys which was this morning. Funny as usual. You guys should catch the encore telecast this evening. Well thats all for today. Word Life!

Saturday, September 18, 2004


That is a photo taken when I was working during my ITP at The Green Book company. Horrible place. Never work there folks. Anyway, one good thing about working there is that I made good friends there. Especially the two in the photo above. On the left is Mak and on the right is Charles. Great guys and great friends. We havent spent a lot of time together after ITP, especially since Charles went to NS, but the times we have spent together were joyfull, fun and filled with laughter. Charles is now in commandos. Dont know how hes doing now. Anyway today is Saturday and I'm home alone. A bit boring. Been watching cartoons and She-Spies. Funny show. Everyone else is out. Maybe later in the evening meet my church friends go Satay Club. Well thats all folks. As Josh Matthews from Afterburn would say:- Later-Dayz!

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Didnt know what interesting heading to put for today, so I decided to put NO HEADING! Haha! Anyway, todays the end of my MST and to cap it off, Liverpool won 2-0 in the champions league. What a week its been. Todays paper started early so I hardly had any sleep. Gona relax today. Start my FYP report tomorrow. The MST papers really suck. Hope end of semester paper not so bad. There was so much to remember for NWI, what a subject! Almost 3 quarters of the book to remember and its only mid-semester! Crazy Cows! I didnt get to study the last chapter properly, and they kept asking to draw diagrams for the last question. They probably thought they were doing us a favour. NOT! The diagrams were in the lab sheet, which I didnt know we had to study for the theory test. No one said anything. No One! And my memory is not very good, which makes thing worse. Tomorrow gona go for training after FYP report. Then head on down to meet my slacking buddies for some nice ice cold beer. As Geps would say, a bottle of Barons warms the cockles to the heart. Or as Mak would say, beer helps you reach a state of Nirvana. Haha! Woohoo Buckaroo! Thats right! Wise beer quotes. Cant live without' em. Well folks, Thats all I have to say. Stay tuned for more beer quotes. Or you can ask the guiness guy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Wanted to post earlier, but Ive been studying and was busy. Have not touched my PC for 2 whole days! Any-the-way, That's a picture I took quite some time back when i went around taking pics with my photography buddy and enthusiast Henry. Cute huh. Unfortunately, most of my pics taken that day did not come out good. Lucky this was salvaged. Well, 1 exam down, 2 more to go. Lucky Ive already studied for IAD, which is my next exam. Now to study for NWI. Had my MOBC exam already. What a waste of studying time. All that I taught was important to remember, did not come out. And all the formulas I remembered was also a waste of time. Not 1 single calculation came out. Only a "Which one of the following is the correct formula?" mcq question came out. I spent a lot of time trying to understand and remember the formulas. Now I'm in big crap. Dont think I did well for MOBC. Stupid tips. Most of them did not come out. Defeats the purpose of calling them tips! *sigh* Been walking around with Wayne and Nqiap and lately, been seeing quite a few babes in school. Must be babes season this time of year. Haha! Was training with Nqiap in school last week, and there was the IVP netball competition being held. Wow! From all the polys, and universitys, netball girls came to play. What a sight! This is why I love sports. Haha! That is all I have to say. Gota go study. Well, Whoopadee-ding dong!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Study Week

Well its almost coming to the end of Study Week. I wanted to post on Wednesday, but for some stupid reason, my post just wouldnt be published. So here I am now. What a week. Ive finished studying for IAD, almost finished studying MOBC, and I'm in the midst of studying NWI. Infact I'm in school now. Taking a break and using the PC now in the library. Studying for NWI is so frustrating. Lucky its the last paper. The topic can be suddenly resurrected a few pages down, like the Undertaker. So hard to take notes like that. With Nqiap and Indra today studying. Yesterday was with Wayne and Nqiap. At least now can understand MOBC better after studying with them yesterday. Well I'd better get back to studying. Library is going to close in an hours time. See ya peeps! (:

Monday, September 06, 2004


Well, got a new photo up. The photo above is of my church group. It was taken last December during my groups anniversary celebrations. Back then I was the president of the group and the oldest as well. Have to look after all those small children. Now I've since retired and someone else has taken over. Was President for 2 years. Now old man already, hehe.... Im still in the group, but playing a smaller role of course. Those were the days. It was tiring and frustrating at times, but it was also fun and nice, as well as an honour looking after these boys. Once it hits December, I would have to quit the group due to NS. Well, Its the start of the school holidays, or as my school likes to call it, Study Week. Going out to study MOBC later. Its going to be a looonng week. Hope I do well for next weeks exams. Heard a song on Power 98 today called Freak-a-Leak! Haha.... Song artists nowadays must be running out of song tittles. Who the hell comes up with these song tittles?! Well thats it folks. Be back with another post 'in the near future'. Freak A Leak! (:

Friday, September 03, 2004


Hi dudes and dudetes! Ive finally found out how to put in pics in this one of a kind blog as you can see from my last entry. So excited! Now you can see what I'm writing about in colour! How exciting right?! Ok, I know its not but just pretend you like it k? K?! Haha! Anyway the picture above was taken when I was around Secondary 1 I think. It was a church play for the boys in my church group and their families. Haha! It was supposed to be a superhero play. The man in black is supposed to be venom. Im supposed to be playing daredevil. Im sure you guys can spot me. The guy with the funny mask with a red mouth and white eyes is supposed to be carnage and the guy with the blue hands and white wristbands is supposed to be 'the new spiderman'. Wow! A lot of 'supposed'! Haha! Will show you a pic of my church group in 'the near future'. Today wanted to join my schools hockey team for training and make new friends, but I was sooo tired. Had to wake up early for MOBC test. Had to go to church in the morning also. Have to thank my MOBC teacher. He's really a kind guy whose genuinely concerned for all his students. Never seen such a teacher before. Followed Nqiap around who somehow keeps seeing this gal in a short skirt. Saw her when going for NWI, then at the foodcourt, then, if I had followed him for training, I would have seen her at the track! Darn! Must stick closer to Nqiap from now on. Haha! Well dats all folks! Till I post again, Viva la Rasa! Whatever that means :P

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Which Superhero Are You?

Actually, the first time I took the test, I got Friggin Frodo Baggins! Then the second time, I just changed one answer, and voila! For those of you who want to take the test, Its at www.liquidgeneration.com.

Monday, August 30, 2004


Haiyah, how to start. Yesterday was really bad. Had a really bad game. First of all, we really played like crap. Ball control was non-existant. Secondly, had my crown jewels grabbed by a classmate. *cough*Azril*cough*. Thirdly, our 2 best players got injured, and our star defender left at half time. And lastly, we got thrashed. My team B got slaughtered. Annihalated. Instead of whipping ass, we got our ass whipped. Like cream. It was really bad. They scored 3 goals, and we scored 3 as well. For those of you wondering how come we still got thrashed when both teams scored the same amount of goals, just think about it real hard. It was the worst we have played since the begining of the year when i joined this team. How come we have degraded, I dont know. On the high note, ching chong got red carded. It was kind of stupid. In all my years of playing soccer, I have never been red-carded, though there are times when i should have been. But thats the only high note. Seeing him get red carded. Granted, the other team played well, and their left mid-field played really good with his dribbling. But it was really bad playing on our part. Really, really bad. Some opponents im gona see later in class. Embarasing! Im gona hide under the table now.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Rock!

Well, went gym today with Wayne. Was still sore from training on tuesday but still managed to have a good workout. Was late as I was late meeting up with my Negotiation Skills group. "Paiseh". I kinda like hanging out with my Negotiation Skill group. They're fun, we talk crap, and enjoy each others company. After gym, went for a swim. Saw a gal without her top on but she was laying face down! Wow! Had a few babes. Me and Wayne talked crap. One thing he sugested was that there should be a Predator 3, staring The Rock! As the British would say, "What a capital idea!". I really think that would be a hit. With The Rock as an action star, and The Predator as a comic book star, it would be a hit! Crowds will come by the millions to see it! Been training as I have a match this sunday with Chin Chungs team. Sorry Chin Chung, but I hope my team kicks your ass this time. And my Team A is gearing up for a rematch! What a day! I will update you about the match when it comes. It will be an exciting match! Who will win? Who will lose? Who will come out of this alive? Stay tuned to find out!

Monday, August 23, 2004


Went to watch AVP with my slacking buddies, Gerard (whom we all refer to as Geps), and Henry. Good show, but it would have been nicer if it was longer. The Predators looked weak as they were getting their asses handed to them on a silver platter by the Aliens. But hey, they were newbies and this was their 1st time hunting anything at all. Infact, they planted the Aliens on Earth to hunt. Needed the humans so that the Aliens could breed. Because of that, a 'love' triangle developed. A "I'd love to kick to kick your ass" triangle that is. And so, the so called 'mini war' starts, between humans, Predators, and of course Aliens whom everyone loves to hate. My my, what a show. I would give it a 7/10 rating. After that, went for prata and drinks. Had Barons, my fav beer. The beer for man. Haha! The humans should have drunk that while fighting the Aliens and Predators. At least they would have died happy. Or handed some to the Predator as a momento. The Predators always seem to hand humans some momento. We should have done them a favor and handed them a bottle of Barons. Haha! Well folks, thats my review for the day. Will be back with another one when I go for my next movie. That might take awhile.

Friday, August 20, 2004


Actually today dont feel like posting, but I think I should update mah peeps, as I might not be posting tomorrow. So here goes:- Well, yesterday was graduation for my previous classmates of 'the mysterious class that doesnt exist': 03. Went out with Wayne, Aisyha, her bf, and Jasmine. Was supposed to meet at 11:30am. But due to a very big 'miscommunication', we only met at around 12:45pm++. Was pissed and hungry that we met late, and I wanted to ask for a big treat due to that. Suddenly the tables were turned, and before i knew it, the other partys' face was blacker than mine and waynes put together. So that plan was thrown violently out the window. Kept laughing cause I taught the miscommunication was pretty funny. Jasmine was asking me to stop laughing, but when could i do? I had to find the funny in that situation, rather than be black faced throughout the whole outing. That would have ruined the day. Had lunch at Shaw Lido and then went for pool. The outing was good, but would have been better if we had hung aroungd longer. That would have been achieved if not for the miscommunication. And would have prefered it to be in the evening, but most of them were busy in the evening. Well, all in all, it was good to be out with some of my classmates. Had quite a bit of fun, and i hope in the future, that more classmates of 03 would go out together. Well, got to go and get ready for school. But dont worry, as Arnold would say, "I'll be back!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Whoever Wins, I Lose!

Yo! Anyone knows how to add pictures to blogs with the current format? Anyway, today I came up with this perception:- That Indra is Like an Alien, cause he is merciless and does things on just instinct. That Nqiap is like a Predator, cause he is smart and deadly with his remarks. And im like the ordinary human. Whoever wins, I lose! Haha! Which reminds me, despite the bad remarks Ive heard from my forum about AVP, I still cant wait to see it. Today, Mr. Chew, my IAD teacher, talked about how he accidently killed a bird by giving it kiwi juice. Only a teacher like him can come up with such a story. Then later, I remembered my dads story about how he killed a bird by feeding it nestum. Haha! Its a small world! Well folks, Thats all i have to say for today. But dont be dissapointed. I'll be back with another story which will play no significant part in your life! Haha! Ciao! (:

Monday, August 16, 2004


Well went to the dentist..... Again! Had an appointment. So sick of going to the dentist. Stupid teeth! Its really a killer trying to maintain them. Then came to school straight after that. Infact, im in school now typing this. Have reached here waaaayy early. Went to have lunch at foodcourt 1, where the sky is always blue and the grass is always green. A very happy place. Haha! It was crowded like crazy. Wanted to try the chicken and egg bowl at the japanese stall. Queued for about 45 minutes! Man, i had time to spare but really, i mustve been mad! When it was finally my turn, I realised why i had to wait so long. Some clowns at the front of the queue had bought take-away for like 8 people! Lucky i didnt queue further behind as there was a guy behind me who ordered 8 packets as well! But it was well worth the wait. The food was great! Not to mention cheap as well! A very important factor these days! Well, got NWI lesson latter. Hope Indra has handed in, or brought the material calculation to be handed in to Mr. Nazri Nasir as Nqiap would say. Then going training straight after that. Nqiap wont be coming so im gona miss his sarcasm at training. Haha!

Saturday, August 14, 2004


Yo! Im bak! Went out with Wayne, Indra and Nqiap yesterday. Jus went to check up on some cool toys being sold at peninsula, second floor, and for nqiap to buy his long awaited Twin 2! Cost him some frickin 80 bucks! Well,he has the money, and its his hobby. He was dissapointed it was not US cut. But hey, beggars cant be choosers. I know from following him around, thats its one hell of a rare toy. And he finally has it. Good for him! Indra reminded me of the 20 bucks I owe him for helping me pay my bill. Its been 1 mth and I feel really bad not paying him back after so long. But man, am I in depts. Im so in dept, my depts are in depts, if theres such a thing. Plus ive been telling him ive been to this movie and that. But the thing is, they were all free! Well, he's given me an ultimatum. Pay back by this coming friday. And he has told me to borrow if I cant. Asked if i could pay 2 bucks a day, or 5 every 3 days. He didnt like the idea. Well well, time to think about how im gona pay him. Well till nex time folks, keep those cameras safely rolling! Or blogs should i say! (:

Thursday, August 12, 2004

My First Post!

Hi! Im so excited! Finally got myself a blog. Well what can i say for today? Well, i didnt go school today. Was sick. My dad wants me to go the doctor later in the evening and not right away, as, according to him, there'll be a doctor who will be working at that time to give me 2 days MC. Problem is, im starting to feel better each passing hour. By the time i visit the doc, i might not have a reason to do so! Well thats it. My first post. I'll be posting more in the future, so stay tuned! (: