Sunday, April 30, 2006


What helluva day is that? Well, I wanted the heading to be a day with all the important days that is near this date all roled into one. Get it? No? Scratching your head? Now scratching your bum? Well scratch no more! This is what I meant- Its Free meals-Labour-Election-Movie-Progress Day! They are all connected as well. Yeah! Well a few days ago, we all got our progress package. And being the very cautious and carefull (aka 'kiasu') citizens that we are, we straight away did our government proud by quickly drawing out our progress package money and squandering it! Yeah! Me, I havent splurged yet, but I used some of it to watch a movie at 'The Cathy'. 'The Cathy' is a cool place. I went to Cinema 1 which is also known as 'The Grand'. Was ushered to my seat by a cute gal which was nice and the leg room there is fantastic. Lol! It had a big ass screen with big red curtains. It was really a grand experience. But no shops are opened at that 6 storey or so complex. Just the cinema and the smell of construction glue and paint is opened. Watched 'The Wild'. Its an ok show. A really bad ass show is hostel. The most goriest movie I have ever seen. Easily 3 times worse than 'The Saw' and 'Kill Bill' combined! Indra of course enjoyed it. Its by Quentin Tarantino by the way and its R21. So kiddies, sorry but you cannot watch. Saw Janice there at the end of that movie. Nice to catch up with poly friends of course. Always a pleasure. Well, elections is comin up. My area is a walkover as usual which is great. Can't be bothered with politicians. Indra has to vote. He says he's gona vote for PAP. I wanted to know why. Thought he had an intelligent answer. Don't know why I thought that. I thought wrong of course. He's voting for them cause they gave him the progress money. WOW! "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" he said. Nice. Considering they are feeding us back our money that we gave them through taxes. Yes. Votes can be bought. If I had to vote, I think I'll just spoil my vote. The opposition needs someone strong and noticeable, with a plan to win votes and outsmart the PAP. The PAP can have my thumb up my own ass with their "We can't have freedom of speech" crap. Can't podcast and write things regarding the election on the internet. What the...? Can't we trust our own people to make good judgements on weather a report is telling lies or not and trust them to investigate reports and make a good choice? Are we that bad that, that can't be done? Well, that aside, Labour day is tommorrow. Happy Holiday people of Singapore! I realised that all my posts are done about once every 2 months except this post which is slightly earlier. So using tommorrow to rest and the progress money, my moms' office colleaque gave my family a lunch treat 'jus for the fun of it'. Wow! My mom sure knows how to make friends. And later, my Aunt wants to treat us for dinner. All these treats all in one day! Wow! Since Easter just went by, check this out- Well, I think this is the longest post from me ever! So I'll stop here. Don't worry (Or maybe you should!). I'll still provide you with your dose of wise sayings from Ynnib Nai-
A President of a democracy is a man who is always ready, willing, and able to lay down your life for his country.