Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Invisible Girl!

Wow! Look at that folks. That pic is of Jessica Alba starring in the new Fantastic Four movie by Marvel comics as of course, Invisible Girl. Doesnt she look great? OF COURSE she does! What kind of stupid question is that? Well anyway, for you folks who wants to see other pics of the movie, and movie details, you can visit this site- http://www.superherohype.com/news/fantasticfournews.php?id=2014. I'll be putting up more pics of upcoming movies in the future. Especially if they're as hot as this one! Wel, been doing nothing much these past few days. Passed up FYP report and now have to get ready for presentation. Finally, all the headache for FYP is over. Now for the next headache- IAD! *sigh* Well thats all I gota say folks. Gota go take some academic panadols.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Well, from the heading, I am sure you guys (and gals) can tell how far my team went in the soccer tournament. We played well but did not do enough to reach the semis. So far, we've been reaching the quarter-finals and not the semis for a few years running. Well our team had the youngest goal scorer in the history of Catholic Shield. Move over Wayne Rooney, we've got Ignatius Wang! Haha! Anyway..... Yesterday I also saw my secondary school best friend, Idrus! Its been years since ive seen him! At first he did not notice me, then I called out his name, and we then began talking about the good ol days (well they werent actually all that good) and did some catching up on each other, for 2 whole hours! What a day! Hope to meet up with him again. By the way, for those trying to reach me by my HP, at the moment, DONT! Anyway you wont be able to. My line has been totally suspended. I will call Starhub on Monday and see how from there. Got back my last paper from MST, and at least I passed. Didnt do too well, but still managed to have the top marks for the guys. Dont know how that happened. Its definitely a first for me. Nqiap was left fuming. One of the questions for MCQ, he picked the right answer, but due to a typo error, everyone got the marks wheather they got it wrong or right. And I was one of them who got it wrong, but still got the marks. Haha! Hooray for typo errors! Woohoo! Well thats it for today. Cheerios! And while you're at it, get me some Twisties! :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Soccer Tournament

Well thats the joke of the day folks. Will put up more in the future. Like my new song? Hehe.... Well anyway, been trying to do IAD project. Its one helleva problem. Plus didnt get additional help because the teacher and Indra got into a fight over a small problem. Those two are two of a kind. Well its been causing me headache. Dont know if can finish by next week. Got to see my MOBC marks. It was not too good, but at least I passed. Got a soccer tournament this saturday. Hope can win. The tournament is called Catholic Shield. Its a church thing. Well thats all I have to say today. Peace Out!

Monday, September 20, 2004


Today school was boring and I felt lethargic. Teacher didnt know what to do, Asistant didnt know the problem and the class was left hanging. But for the first time during NWI practical I was right about something. So proud of myself. Only problem with that is that when you do something right for the first time, all your group mates wont believe you. Well anyway got back my first paper from MST and I passed. The marks were not very good but neither were they very bad as well. When I first got it, 1st thing that came to my mind was shit. How bad it looked and smelt. Im reffering to my marks of course. Then I realised that the teacher miscalculated and left out a whole 10 marks. *Phew* So that got corrected and now thats one paper down, two more to go. Indra wrote simple answers and they were actually correct. And he was watching Tora Tora (War Show), and soccer while studying. Maybe I should try that in the future, haha! Met Indra in the bus. Usually I dont take the bus to school but I left my house early and there he was. Went Macs to eat lunch. Wanted to try the new prawn burger but my school hasnt started selling it yet. Either that or they dont intend to. Had a Big Mac in the end. We talked about the Emmys which was this morning. Funny as usual. You guys should catch the encore telecast this evening. Well thats all for today. Word Life!

Saturday, September 18, 2004


That is a photo taken when I was working during my ITP at The Green Book company. Horrible place. Never work there folks. Anyway, one good thing about working there is that I made good friends there. Especially the two in the photo above. On the left is Mak and on the right is Charles. Great guys and great friends. We havent spent a lot of time together after ITP, especially since Charles went to NS, but the times we have spent together were joyfull, fun and filled with laughter. Charles is now in commandos. Dont know how hes doing now. Anyway today is Saturday and I'm home alone. A bit boring. Been watching cartoons and She-Spies. Funny show. Everyone else is out. Maybe later in the evening meet my church friends go Satay Club. Well thats all folks. As Josh Matthews from Afterburn would say:- Later-Dayz!

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Didnt know what interesting heading to put for today, so I decided to put NO HEADING! Haha! Anyway, todays the end of my MST and to cap it off, Liverpool won 2-0 in the champions league. What a week its been. Todays paper started early so I hardly had any sleep. Gona relax today. Start my FYP report tomorrow. The MST papers really suck. Hope end of semester paper not so bad. There was so much to remember for NWI, what a subject! Almost 3 quarters of the book to remember and its only mid-semester! Crazy Cows! I didnt get to study the last chapter properly, and they kept asking to draw diagrams for the last question. They probably thought they were doing us a favour. NOT! The diagrams were in the lab sheet, which I didnt know we had to study for the theory test. No one said anything. No One! And my memory is not very good, which makes thing worse. Tomorrow gona go for training after FYP report. Then head on down to meet my slacking buddies for some nice ice cold beer. As Geps would say, a bottle of Barons warms the cockles to the heart. Or as Mak would say, beer helps you reach a state of Nirvana. Haha! Woohoo Buckaroo! Thats right! Wise beer quotes. Cant live without' em. Well folks, Thats all I have to say. Stay tuned for more beer quotes. Or you can ask the guiness guy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Wanted to post earlier, but Ive been studying and was busy. Have not touched my PC for 2 whole days! Any-the-way, That's a picture I took quite some time back when i went around taking pics with my photography buddy and enthusiast Henry. Cute huh. Unfortunately, most of my pics taken that day did not come out good. Lucky this was salvaged. Well, 1 exam down, 2 more to go. Lucky Ive already studied for IAD, which is my next exam. Now to study for NWI. Had my MOBC exam already. What a waste of studying time. All that I taught was important to remember, did not come out. And all the formulas I remembered was also a waste of time. Not 1 single calculation came out. Only a "Which one of the following is the correct formula?" mcq question came out. I spent a lot of time trying to understand and remember the formulas. Now I'm in big crap. Dont think I did well for MOBC. Stupid tips. Most of them did not come out. Defeats the purpose of calling them tips! *sigh* Been walking around with Wayne and Nqiap and lately, been seeing quite a few babes in school. Must be babes season this time of year. Haha! Was training with Nqiap in school last week, and there was the IVP netball competition being held. Wow! From all the polys, and universitys, netball girls came to play. What a sight! This is why I love sports. Haha! That is all I have to say. Gota go study. Well, Whoopadee-ding dong!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Study Week

Well its almost coming to the end of Study Week. I wanted to post on Wednesday, but for some stupid reason, my post just wouldnt be published. So here I am now. What a week. Ive finished studying for IAD, almost finished studying MOBC, and I'm in the midst of studying NWI. Infact I'm in school now. Taking a break and using the PC now in the library. Studying for NWI is so frustrating. Lucky its the last paper. The topic can be suddenly resurrected a few pages down, like the Undertaker. So hard to take notes like that. With Nqiap and Indra today studying. Yesterday was with Wayne and Nqiap. At least now can understand MOBC better after studying with them yesterday. Well I'd better get back to studying. Library is going to close in an hours time. See ya peeps! (:

Monday, September 06, 2004


Well, got a new photo up. The photo above is of my church group. It was taken last December during my groups anniversary celebrations. Back then I was the president of the group and the oldest as well. Have to look after all those small children. Now I've since retired and someone else has taken over. Was President for 2 years. Now old man already, hehe.... Im still in the group, but playing a smaller role of course. Those were the days. It was tiring and frustrating at times, but it was also fun and nice, as well as an honour looking after these boys. Once it hits December, I would have to quit the group due to NS. Well, Its the start of the school holidays, or as my school likes to call it, Study Week. Going out to study MOBC later. Its going to be a looonng week. Hope I do well for next weeks exams. Heard a song on Power 98 today called Freak-a-Leak! Haha.... Song artists nowadays must be running out of song tittles. Who the hell comes up with these song tittles?! Well thats it folks. Be back with another post 'in the near future'. Freak A Leak! (:

Friday, September 03, 2004


Hi dudes and dudetes! Ive finally found out how to put in pics in this one of a kind blog as you can see from my last entry. So excited! Now you can see what I'm writing about in colour! How exciting right?! Ok, I know its not but just pretend you like it k? K?! Haha! Anyway the picture above was taken when I was around Secondary 1 I think. It was a church play for the boys in my church group and their families. Haha! It was supposed to be a superhero play. The man in black is supposed to be venom. Im supposed to be playing daredevil. Im sure you guys can spot me. The guy with the funny mask with a red mouth and white eyes is supposed to be carnage and the guy with the blue hands and white wristbands is supposed to be 'the new spiderman'. Wow! A lot of 'supposed'! Haha! Will show you a pic of my church group in 'the near future'. Today wanted to join my schools hockey team for training and make new friends, but I was sooo tired. Had to wake up early for MOBC test. Had to go to church in the morning also. Have to thank my MOBC teacher. He's really a kind guy whose genuinely concerned for all his students. Never seen such a teacher before. Followed Nqiap around who somehow keeps seeing this gal in a short skirt. Saw her when going for NWI, then at the foodcourt, then, if I had followed him for training, I would have seen her at the track! Darn! Must stick closer to Nqiap from now on. Haha! Well dats all folks! Till I post again, Viva la Rasa! Whatever that means :P

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Which Superhero Are You?

Actually, the first time I took the test, I got Friggin Frodo Baggins! Then the second time, I just changed one answer, and voila! For those of you who want to take the test, Its at www.liquidgeneration.com.