Friday, January 30, 2009


Leviticus contains regulations for worship and religious ceremonies.
Speaking of which, Happy Chinese New Year to one and all. Yes, even to my non-chinese friends. Some might say I am a bit late, but a new year is still a new year. And in China, I am certain they are still on holiday. I actually attended a friend's reunion dinner. I was invited as I could not make it on the New Year dinner day on Monday. I still had to work during the Chinese New Year hols on Monday and Tuesday, and I worked during the afternoon shift which is from 2pm to 11pm. It was interesting. I learnt about some Chinese customs and traditions. Of course the reason why it is done, goes without saying. The reason can only be one of 2 outcomes, or both- Luck/Wealth. As much as they do all these, if they were questioned at the end of the year if they did receive the luck and wealth they desired by doing all these, most I'm sure would say no. Or not enough. But tradition is tradition, and some do it cos they put a fun spin on it. Like having the children stay up all night till new years day. It is like having an all night party. Throw in some booze and I would say a big hooray for tradition.
Did I mention the reunion dinner was vegetarian? Nothing to do with any Chinese custom. Just that my friends' family is vegetarian. The mock meat tasted like the real deal, and much better than the vegetarian places I eat at outside. It made me wonder, could the coffeeshops actually be serving us such mock meat, and not telling us? I mean, no one would know, and they would be earning even more. I have a conspiracy theory that some shops are doing it like this. Buggers!
Speaking of religious ceremonies, I gota go for another friends wedding tomorrow. I was picked to be one of the groomsman. At the end of the day, the big question on my mind is this: Do I have to give the couple ang pow money? I mean, just for this wedding, I had to buy my own pants, new shoes, and shirt. The only thing the groom paid for is the tie, and he helped rent our coat, which was $50. I had to buy new pants to match the coat because the coat is grey and I dont have grey pants. And the shirt color that he asked us to wear is yellow, which I also do not have. And finally, I had to get new shoes and not wear my torn shoes as, I say again, I am one of the groomsman. So after all I spent for his wedding, do I really really still gotta give ang pow money? I would do a poll on that, but I think it is too late, seeing as how the wedding is tomorrow. Maybe you guys can leave comments on what you think? Should I give, or let the groom face justice for this crime, and during such bad economic times I might add.
Speaking of money, I am broken, financially. That is not a typo. I am not broke. I am broken. Not sure how I am going to survive February. All my money was just splurged on that Lasik surgery. Everyone telling me how good I did to save up for it, but, let me tell you the sad truth. I apparently had not calculated everything that well. I am now in that stage where I am looking at the amount in the bank and calculating more than I ever have in life, even more than when I was in school during Math class, how every cent in my bank is going to be used. And going by how Math was never my strong subject, and how my calculations for Lasik also did not go well, it is going to be a nervy month. I think I should be able to scrap by though. I think... But let me tell you this as well, being broke for good eyesight is damn worth it! It is a whole new life. This is coming from someone who had to wear glasses since Primary school. Every now and then, I keep thinking I still got contacts on, and sometimes I put my hand up to my face to push my glasses up my nose, only to realise I'm not wearing any. It is a life changing experience. Just need to religiously administer those eye drops the doc gave me every now and then, for now. Other than that minor temporary inconvenience, it is great. I can see clearly now that the rain is gone.
Before I continue typing anymore nonsense, Ynnib Nai has informed me that he has actually made a new years resolution, and will share it with us-
"My New Year's Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time."

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Exodus means departure.
Soon, I will be going for Lasik treatment and will be departing from wearing corrective eyewear, such as glasses and contact lens. In other words, departing from being blind. It will be a departure that I will be most looking forward to.
When I told my mum, her 1st reaction was to ask me why. Why do this surgical procedure with risks that knows no bounds and untold perils. Well, apart from my understanding that the risks are low in this time and age, it is a risk I am willing to take to get back perfect vision, and have naturally good eyesight. It is an investment worth going into. I was always willing to spend on my eyes. Got 'transition like' lenses to protect my eyes from UV rays about 3 years ago. Always treasured it.
Plus, the problems with corrective eyewear such as glasses and contact lens knows no bounds as well. Everytime I jog, or do some form of physical sport, the glasses keep falling off, or the sweat wears out and erodes the frame. Wearing contact lens helps a bit, till you realise the trouble it takes to put the lens in your eye. God help us all should there be a speck of tiny dirt in your lens when you put it in your eye, the irritation that your eye incurs as well as the nice red color you get as a result, will definitly help you get out your 1st curse word of the day. Worse when you are trying to take it out, and locate it, and when it does not want to come out of your eye, and it seems stuck to your eyeball, clinging to what seems like it's dear life. Again irritation and redness of the eye sets in, as well as your second curse word of the day. It is also not very possible and feasible to swim wearing glasses or contact lens. Did I mention the savings I will be making from discontinuing buying contact lens, contact lens solution, and new glasses? Enough said.
Apart from that, I also do not wish to be a part of the glasses wearing family. My whole family wears glasses, or contact lens. Not something to be proud off. Someone needs to break the chain. And that very someone is going to be me. Starting Monday, 12th January 2009, which is the day of the surgery. If all goes well that is. But that will be a tale that I will tell after Monday. So till then, wish me all the best (= Ynnib Nai, have you any wise quotes for us?
'Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by tears once in awhile, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again.'

Monday, January 05, 2009


Warning: Dates in calendar are closer than they appear

I consider today, Monday, 5th of January, as the official start of the new year. For the past 2 weeks, work has been an easy ride. This is because the company that I support, Agilent, went on a shutdown during the Christmas and New Year period. Like a 2 week holiday. January 2nd was greeted by my boss with an email with the heading that read 'Happy New Year 2009!'. The message inside informed us that we would not get much increment, and there would be no bonus. Eventhough I am aware of the financial turmoil that this planet is experiencing, I was shocked, because my company does not pay that highly, does not give out big increments every year from what I heard, and does not hand out AWS. So my initial thoughts was that since the company is already saving during normal times, that it would not lower the already low yearly increment. I did think that they might lower the amount paid in bonuses, but did not expect them to scrap it altogether. The email did mention an increment in our shift allowance, but it was an increment that I felt should have been in effect from day 1, as our allowance is not that high as well. So on the 5th of January, the shutdown would be over, and all Agilent employees will be back to work creating work for us to do by asking for 'this and thats'. Life it seems, is returning to normal, after all the festivities.
2008 was all round good. Made good friends, and most of it was spent just being carefree, enjoying the company of the people around me, and trying to be more passionate about life. Went on trips here and there. Did quite a bit of rock climbing which I thouroughly enjoyed, for the challenge it presented. And for the 1st time, ran and completed a distance of 10km, which to some, might not be that big a deal, but for someone who hates running, this was like conquering a mountain.
Now I begin 2009 anew. Unsure what the year has instore for me. I must say, I wish I did more. Wish that I did something that involves physically giving my time and effort into helping people, for whatever reason. That is the only thing that I feel empty about. That would be a far greater learning experience. Much more interesting. And there is that small challenge and great responsibility that I am looking for in my life. But I do not know where to start. I might not find it in 2009, but I hope that one day, that will be something I will be passionately involved in.
I have a new poll out. A wise person by the name of F.M. Knowles once said- 'He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool'. Which prompted the poll I put out. This time the period of voting is a good 30 days. Will see if that helps with increasing the number of votes.
Speaking of wise people, Ynnib Nai is back again to end this post and provide us with a quote to think about for 2009-
'People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.'