Friday, October 29, 2004


Well, there goes the invicible woman pic. *sob* Oh well. Now here's a pic for woman to drool over. Yes, they have finally found someone to play Superman. After years of searching high, low, in the sewers and in the mirror as well, they have got Brandon Routh. He's played small cameo roles in Gilmore Girls and Will & Grace, but he's a relative unknown. Duh! Well, Ive just finished my IAD exam. Dont think I did too well. Hopefully Mr. Choo will help me. PLEASE! Im begging You! From the heart of my bottom! :P Everyone seems to have known the answer to question 2 except me. EXCEPT ME! Well, at least thats one paper down, and now theres 2 more to go till my stress levels drop. Speaking of stress levels, one word- Ngiap. He's gone to a whole new level. I always have to try real hard to go through what I'm going to say when I'm with him. Usually, I manage to say the right thing or correct myself before he says something sarcastic. Now, he has managed to go one level up and stil say something sarcastic eventhough ive tought it out carefully. Wel, what to do. Will say more after exam. But for now this is all I have to post. As Coco would say, Coco Crunch!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I'm Full!

Yesterday, I just recovered from the flu. Its getting real irritating. I seem to attract it really well. Then went out to have dinner with my friends at Chimes, as one of them had a 50% off voucher. It was the last day to use it. I took the second cheapest thing on the menu, which was a BBQ 1/2 chicken. My gosh! I think now I might have to join Indra in his Ramadhan and start fasting! The chicken used was not the normal spring chicken. It was bigger than my head and it came with lots of fries and small potatoes as well! I cant believe I managed to walk out of there after that. And everyone else who bought something expensive, their dish was much smaller than mine! I'm so full, I'm sure I can go the whole of today without eating. I feel bloated and sick to my stomach. And I just recovered from the flu. Well, I didnt study yesterday, so I'm now a day behind in studying. I got a schedule set up for myself, and now I'm a day behind. I hope I can catch up on Monday. Going school to study and most probably meet Ngiap there. Going to have a game of soccer later. Hopefully, that helps in the digestion. My cousins coming over my place to eat lunch later. Dont know how im going to eat then. Well dats it. Wish me well. These days I need it!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Negotiation Skills Test

This show, Batman Begins, is coming out next year. Michael Caine is playing Alfred the butler. Ken Watanabe, who to me is famous for his role in The Last Samurai, is playing Ra's Al Ghul the villain, Gary Oldman as Comissioner Gordan, and a host of other well known actors such as Morgan Freeman, Liam Neelson, Katie Holmes, and of course, Christian Bale as the Dark Night himself. Im not a DC fan, but Batman is still kinda cool. Cant wait to watch it. You can view the pics at Well, had Negotiation Skills test today. Was surprised that some people are expecting to fail this course. Found out Indra got highest for his class for his mid-semester. Also got my lab test marks for NWI. Got 92. Surprised myself. By the way, when I write my blog, some have noticed and commented that it does not run in chronological order. Well, today, I shall continue to not run it in cronological order. Back to my story..... Well folks, the guy who gave me hell and a headache thinking up a strategy for NWI role play for his group, Ranjeet, actually came up to me and wanted to just talk crap. Was surprised. Makes me gonna miss poly more. Mr. Nazir Nasir (not the footballer, the NWI teacher as Ngiap calls him) told me and Indra that our group got highest for NWI assignment for the class. He's a nice teacher that guy. On Tuesday, did FYP Presentation. Everything went great. Finally its over. Thank you Indra. After that, waited to attend MOBC tutorial and lecture. Me, Indra and Ngiap, 3 guys just waiting. And waiting. In the end, both had no lesson. What a waste of time. Especially for Ngiap. Well, gona study IAD tomorrow with Indra, Wayne and Ngiap. Why do I always group their names in that order....??? Anyway, Thats all I have for today folks. Another long blog entry. Hope you guys didnt piss on the monitor for such a bad entry. Well, till death do us part, Toodle-loo! (:

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Near the End!

I learnt this from Indra, and I'm trying it out cos it looks cool! :P

Well folks, this week has been busy busy busy! IAD practical is over, so is MOBC, so is NWI, so is my Negotiation Skills role play and so is my NAFA test. Negotiation Skills went fine. Better than expected. I think we kicked ass! NAFA test went great for me. Got a bronze which was my aim. Got 3 personnal bests. 2.4km did in 12.40. Pull-ups I actually did 3. And Standing Broad Jump jumped at 220, which was great! Considering that I messed that up 3 times and had to jump 4 times to finally get it right. Have yet to thank my coach for giving me the training techniques necessary to improve myself. This week has been filled with laughs and great eye candy. The short skirt girl has once again been sighted last friday and there were distractions during NAFA. WoW! Keep those distractions coming! Indra did something to Ngiaps shoe. You have to ask him yourself. It was funny and disgusting at the same time. Than at Burger King, Indra was so mad happy, he lifted his cup up to Cheers, and than wanted to yamseng, only to spill his fries all over his lap. Then at Isetan, 'helped' Ngiap choose fruits by announsing loudly what to buy to help him shit better. Indra, Indra...... By the way, got to thank him and Ngiap for their help in the various projects we had. Without them, passing this semester would be much much harder. Thanks dudes! Hope we can keep in touch after school. Hope to keep in touch with Wayne as well. A great buddy! Got Negotiation Skills test next week wednesday and FYP presentation next week tuesday. Than, the final exams. Wow! It'll be a thrilling last ride. Hope it doesnt end too soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

White Chicks

Sorry dudes and dudettes for not updating for so long. Its been a real stressfull week for me. Thought IAD was done and over with. Then during interview, got screwed so hard, my ass still hurts till now. Got asked funny questions that I thought shouldnt have been asked during presentation and was told to continue decoding. What a nightmare! I hope the other groups are not angry at me for not helping, but seriously, I cant help when I dont know how and what to do. Mr. Choo, the IAD teacher, exagerated upon how much our group knew, i feel. I understand how it works, but how to apply, I have no ding dong idea! We didnt correct Mr. Choo upon how much we knew cos if he thinks we know, well, he wouldnt hassle us upon any copying bullshit. Now got MOBC project to do, and have to touch up FYP which isnt so bad. Have you realised that there are times when people say "FYP project", or write it down as such? Isnt that wrong since FYP stands for "Final Year Project". So if you say "FYP Project", you're actually saying "Final Year Project project"? Moving on........ Watched White Chicks yesterday. Ive heard a lot of gals rave about it and thought that it surely isnt that funny and they must be exagerating or really enjoy watching guys act like idiots when pretending to be girls. Then I watched it. Man, I'd give it 2 thumbs up and a toe. Its hilarious! It REALLY is funny! They even make fun of the girls. You just have to watch it. Its a one of a kind show. Went out with my ex to watch it. Since ive broken up, always feel a bit awkward going out with her. I acted like an idiot, trying extra hard to be funny. Awkward. Then at the end of the day, had to sit down, and slowly take it all in. Went to time myself for a 2.4km run on friday. Clocked in at 13.06. 50 seconds away. Thats really quite far. My friend timed. Said on my 5th round it was 10 minutes. Then I blew it on my 6th round. Dont know how like that. Well folks, I think some of you may have fallen asleep or are getting drowsy after reading so much, so I'll sign off. As zorro would say, Adios amigos!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Hello kiddies. Sorry I took away the spongebob song. Hope no one is getting withdrawal symptoms because of that. I know I am....... Well..... Moving on, an update on my life. On Sunday, I went to attend my cousins baptism. Its a ceremony where my cousin becomes a catholic. My parents were chosen to be the Godparents for my cousin Alicia. Last year, they were chosen as well to be the Godparents of Alicia's twin sisters. I never realised this till my grandmother pointed it out, but now I have quite a few Godsisters. Anyway, past few days been doing nothing much. Have not even been going training, and my NAFA is next week. Im sure I'll fail. Quite frankly, Im just going there to see how good I am. Sad isnt it? Well DONT be! Its me! Im happy so you should be too! Damnit! ....withdrawal symptoms kicking in....... spongebob...... Well..... moving on, cant wait to see the above movie. Blade! I thought the first one was better than the second one in terms of a storyline. But what the heck! Its a cool movie bro! And its from Marvel, So I'll have to make it a point to see it. Well thats it......spongebob.........................

Friday, October 01, 2004


Wah! Finally finished IAD project and passed up. Well..... Not exactly finished. A lot cannot work, but there was a deadline and so we passed up what we had as it is. My gosh, we were late and you should have seen us run! If only I can run like that for my 2.4km run during the NAFA test. Indra asked me if I could feel the air going through my Clima-Cool Addidas shoes as I ran. All I could feel was my lungs about to burst! And all I could think of was how am I going to get the next breath of air. If we ran the Amazing Race like that, we would have won that competition on the first day! What a run. Had to tactically run behind Indra so that he could clear the way. Later I still have to meet my friend for training. After that run, I feel lazy and I don't feel like running again. Lucky I wore my track pants today and not jeans. Dont know how I would have run in that. Dont know what else to write. My whole brain and body is still recovering from that run and trying to breathe. Well folks, think I'll make it a short one and stop here for today. And I leave you with this quote:- Those who think too hard, is rea..............