Sunday, January 27, 2008

Code Yellow

My New Cousin

Hi hi! A new post, a new family member. Meet my new cousin, born 18/1/2008. This is a picture I took of her when i visited the day after at the hospital. I could not get a better picture as she was sleeping during the whole time I was there. At that point of time, my uncle and aunt had not come up with a name for her, so I still do not know her name. But I did hear they were thinking of naming her Victoria. This is my Uncles' 9th child by the way.

Anyway, for those who are reading this, I want to tell you what is going on in my family, so that when I send out the SOS's, I would not have to explain so much. My situation now is a Code Yellow. On standby. Hopefully it does not become a Code Red situation. That is when I have to start sending out the SOS's via sms.

Anywho, as you all should know by now, my family sold their place, and could not get another suitable place. So my uncle lent us his place to live in at Upper Bukit Timah road as he had bought another place for himself. This is the same uncle with the 9 kids by the way. So yeah, he bought a new place for his ever growing family. So we are staying in his old place. Now with the new girl born (all his children are girls by the way, all 9 of em), he wants to sell his old place, which we are currently residing in, NOW. As he says he needs the extra funds with the new kid and all.

Now on our side, my family has already bought a new place at Toa Payoh, quite some time ago. Unfortunately, the whole house is being renovated, and we are currently awaiting for the HDB to approve the renovation works.

Unfortunately again, renovation approval is done in parts. For example, they will take a few days to approve the renovation of the kitchen windows, then another few days to approve the living room flooring, then the kitchen flooring, then the bathroom piping, etc. So the whole approval process is taking a heck of a long time to finish. This is just the approval stage, and not even the actual renovation stage yet. So we are being held back.

There is also a complicated bit about our grandma being thrown in, which is too complicated to say here. So now, we are at Code Yellow, not knowing if and when my uncle will tell us he found a buyer for the house, and want us to leave.

So when it hits Code Red, I will be sms'ing everyone asking if there is a room for me to stay in for a couple of weeks till the renovations are finished. So if you're reading this, I don't have to explain so much. My mom has a friend who has agreed to let her and my sister, to stay at her place, if it ever comes to Code Red. So that leaves my dad, me and my brother. I think my dad and my brother will be able to find someone to take them in also, but I'm not sure.

So this is my story of my life for the start of 2008. An exciting start. So guys, let's hope that Code Red is never initiated. Well, I'll end here and leave with my favourite philosopher, Ynnib Nai, to say some words-

"We have enough youth. How about a fountain of "Smart"?"

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year 2008!

Happy New Year Everyone! Ok, I'm a bit behind, but i've been busy. Had a lot of celebrations with Birthdays and Christmas and New Years and visiting relatives as you all know. My dear cousin is down from Australia if you all don't know by now. Her sister got married about 3 weeks ago.
And now, suddenly, January is packed with activities as well. So moving with the flow of things into the new year. With the January Birthdays, now there are other things such as my newly married cousin going to South Africa with her husband to stay in his hometown there. My dear cousin is also going back to Australia this month along with her Birthday being held just days before. I was getting ready to shift to Toa Payoh this month, but we are still waiting for the HDB to approve certain renovations and if they take their time, the move could be postphoned to February. So I have no idea when I'm moving.
Just started my new job and still trying to get the hang of things. Everything seems fine, though I wish I could move around and not stay stuck to a chair for 8-9 hours. But I guess you can't have everything.
Looking back at 2007, despite it's ups and downs, I must say, overall, it was a good year. I ORD'ed, went on my 1st plane flight, went Australia, had a great time there and found a 'new' dear cousin, started work, made new friends from there, and grew closer to people I didn't even know was possible to grow closer to. Life I believe is what you make out of it. And if you want it to be great, then you just have to look at people and situations differently. If things go bad, start thinking of ways to turn it around or make the best of it. Life will always have it's days when the shit hits you and doesn't seem like it will stop hitting. But I guess, we just got to stand tall, take it head on, and wait it out as best we can.
Ok, wow, I can't believe I said all that. I should just leave the wise sayings to Ynnib Nai huh. So I'll end my 1st post of the year here, and Ynnib Nai, what do you have for us for the new year?-
"What's gone, and what's past help, should be past grief."