Monday, December 04, 2006

Birthdays! 22!

And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith. And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jawbone of an ass have I slain a thousand men. With the Jawbone of an Ass --Judges 15:15,16

Cool quote huh. This quote I found actually exists in the Bible. I found it amusing and inspiring at the same time. Wierd huh. Well I have not been bloggin a lot. I think you guys can like pretend this blog never existed at the rate I post. So this could very well be my last post. I dont know. We'll see. But dont expect another post anytime soon after this. I'm sure you guys already dont. Well, anyway, I just turned 22 yesterday. 21 is when you're just turning into an adult. 22 is when its all confirmed. And like the number, I had a double celebration on that day. Had a lunch celebration with my family and GodParents. Then went to my GodParents place with my family and had another celebration there for dinner. Had the Birthday song sang twice as well. Cool huh? That, together with my moms Birthday celebrations the day before and my uncles the day before that, and well, my stomach is ready to make me a suicide bomber. From Dec 1st already, the December celebrations as i call it start. My uncles birthday is 1st, literally, then my moms straight after that, then mine, then theres a short break before my cousins birthday comes, then my bro's on the 21st, then the celebrations of Jesus Christ's birth, then another cousins Birthday on the 27th, then all the birthdays are done for that month. Of course, there's the New Years and Hari Raya celebrations thrown in and well, its like a fiesta at my place! The party doesnt really stop this time of year. Plus, dont forget, got Christmas visitin to do as well. Wah! Party till my hair drops! And I have a lot of hair people. Now thats scary! Well anyway, I'll stop here. I'll go now with some words of wisdom from Ynnib Nai-
We are all born naked and screaming and if you're
lucky that sort of thing won't stop there.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


A Committee is a group of people who individually can do nothing, but as a group decide that nothing can be done.

Today I ran in the Army Half Marathon cause my unit was supposed to. Started slow at first, but when it started to rain, the motivation to run and get to shelter was immense. I actually sprinted for quite a bit. Azri ran with me. He actually ran with me. Thought he would be trying to convince me to walk, but he actually ran. I think he has become fitter due to his hockey training. We made sure safety came 1st and decided to stop at every water point to "properly" hydrate ourselves. The milo was good. So good that some people decided to take the whole carton of milo. My, did they enjoy their milo. And for our efforts? Tomorrow we get the whole day off! Woohoo! Finally I get to have a days rest. Had a busy and tiring weekend. Yesterday I went to Ben Koh's Birthday/Farewell Dinner. Went earlier to play soccer. I was quite satisfied with my performance. Made a few good passes, and even scored a goal. Need to improve my snap shots though and my 1st touch movement, but good luck with myself in training for that. No soccer ball and no idea what to do to improve those things.
As for my training, last Saturday I went to MacRitchie Reservoir to run. Ran the 5+km route. Wasn't used to it and the many slopes going up. Heard my timing was around 29min, but I wasn't really running all out so hopefully next time (if there is a next time), I'll be able to cut down that timing by quite a bit. Was trying to catch up with Adrian. Then the day after, Sunday, me, Gerard, Lionel, Alfred and Michael went to play soccer. I think I played ok but didn't score. Lionel, our star left back, tore his ligament and will be out for a few months. Man, that really sucks. Shows how dangerous soccer can be. Wednesday, I went running at the Kelong near my house. That is about 3+km. After running the MacRitchie route, I felt that the run wasn't much of a challenge. Plus no up slope to deal with. Just one flat straight route. Well, that plus the soccer I played yesterday, and the run today, sums up my training for this week. So that's all folks. And the wise Ynnib Nai has something important to say-
A bargain is something you don't need at a price you can't resist.

Monday, August 14, 2006

2006 Community Shield Winners- Liverpool

Elo! Its been a long time since I blogged huh. Well, after some time, you just get lazy to update. Like lazy for more than a month. Whats been happening since then? Well, I'll just randomly pick significant events that happened. First off, Liverpool won! Woohoo! I must say, although I'm a liverpool fan, I had my doubts. With Chelsea having a line up that boasts of European stars, I must say, it was hard at times to imagine liverpool winning. Don't get me wrong. Liverpool has beaten Chelsea at cup events before. But with new signings Ballack and Shev, it was hard to imagine any team at all right now who can beat them. Plus when I heard that Benitez had rested players like Gerard and Alonso at the start, I almost jumped off from my room window. I know the Community Shield isn't a very big trophy, but still, knowing that Liverpool had drawn first blood was just so sweet! And that alien of a Crouch actually scored the winner some more. Wow! Chelsea fans, suck my butt! Lol! Well next big event was Aisyahs' Wedding Lunch. She was my classmate from SP. Same age as me for those who want to know. Went together with other classmates Jasmine and Sandy. Just so happens that the guys from my class, Indra and Wayne, both could not make it. So I was like the only guy there. But it was still fun. The lunch was fantastic! I must say, 1st class food! Whoever made the food should open an outlet. The girls just gorged themselves silly. Don't want to scare people with details of how much Sandy ate. After that lunch, still went Swensons for more dessert. So full I didnt have dinner. Then accompanied Jasmine to Jurong library where along the way, there was a gang fight at the taxi stand. Not the 1st time I've seen a fight, but I could see Jasmine was worried. Was her 1st time seeing such things according to her. Sandy was the calmest. Walked to the taxi stand to take a taxi just seconds after the fight was supposedly 'finished'. Latest movie I've watched is 'Lady in the Water'. I tought it was a good show cause it was a totally original idea. Just that I would have preferred it if some characters were used more. I liked it but another friend of mine hated it. Actually said 'Superman' was better. I don't know ah. Anyway, a good friend finally ORD'ed. Geoffrey. Really helped us all and we shall never forget it. Farewell, and hope you enjoy this time and I wish you all the best. Started exercising again. Starting slow this month. Been going Bishan Park last week and this week Wednesday, the army is sending me over to the 'Tekong Challenge'. So far. Couldn't they have sent us somewhere nearer like Pulau Besar? Swines! Anyway, will be giving you weekly updates on my training so my next post will be some time next week. I'm a lazy guy so hope you guys could encourage me as I try to get ready for my IPPT test which will hopefully be in November. Well, thats all folks! And here are 'Words-of-Wisdom' from Ynnib Nai-
Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Monday, July 10, 2006

2006 World Cup Champions- Italy!

Finally! Italy are Champions of the World! They very much deserved it although they did not play so well attacking wise after the 1st half ended. But they kept to their game and after zizou's booboo, Everyone kind of had that feeling that it was going to go towards Italy's way. You should have seen Zidane. Like that dinosaur with the hard crust for a skull, he lounged forward and headed Marco Materazzi in the chest instead of the ball! It would have been funnier if he had gone on all fours and charged towards his balls! Then at least he can say he made a mistake. But it was no laughing matter for the french. They just seemed lost after that. I wish that someone would have finished the other off in regular time as I had to go to Bedok camp at 8am for lesson. So there went my sleep. Taught lesson like a zombie. Reuben who also watched the match but lives nearer to camp seemed even worse for some strange reason. Like in a trance he walked right in front of me without noticing me. I was half expecting him to suddenly see me, then jump for my neck! Well, just like that the World Cup is over, and we just have to wait for another 4 friggin years for the next one. Talk about having patience. Well, went out with Indra to watch Superman Returns yesterday. Heard a lot of people did not like it, but I tought it was ok. Don't know what everyone expected from that movie. My only problem with it is that it did not have any Super Villian. I mean c'mon! Lex Luthor is getting boring. Seen enough of him in smallville already. For those who want to watch the movie, you might not want to read on as there are spoilers. Guess what kiddies?! Apparently good ol supes had pre-marital sex! Seems like he could not control his super charged *ahem* hormones.... Lol! Haha! Got to watch it to believe it! Bryan Singer you devil you! By the way, check out this website here! Some cool illusions that I really liked! Well, I think I'll best be going now and leave you guys with some cool words of wisdom from Ynnib Nai-
Kids in the back seat cause accidents; accidents in the back seat cause kids.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Things You Did Not Know about "Ian"

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Ian!

  1. 99 percent of the pumpkins sold in the US end up as Ian!
  2. Ian once came third in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest.
  3. Influenza got its name because people believed the disease was caused by the evil "influence" of Ian.
  4. During severe windstorms, Ian may sway several feet to either side!
  5. The moon is 400 times closer to the Earth than Ian, and 400 times smaller.
  6. The risk of being struck by Ian is one occurence every 9,300 years!
  7. Ian can smell some things up to six miles away!
  8. Only one child in twenty will be born on the day predicted by Ian!
  9. Lightning strikes Ian over seven times every hour!
  10. If a snake is born with two heads, the heads will fight over who gets Ian.
I am interested in - do tell me about

And Happy Birthday Azri!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Omen 060606

Storm to Wolverine: Logan! We work as a team. Wolverine to Storm: Yeah. Good luck with that!

Just loved that line from X3. Haha... X3 was great! Lots of mutants! Lots of action! And Lots of surprises! Including a surprise ending after ALL the credits have gone by. Wah! Lucky I read up that there is a surprise ending. Was begining to doubt if there was one as the credits kept going, the audience were all leaving, and only me, Choon Kiat and 'Billy' Ong as well as some guy sitting next to us(probably overheard) were the only ones left in the cinema. As for 'The Omen', no, I havent watched it. But it's just a big coincidence that on that date, that scary devil movie is coming out, as well as 2 LTCs' from Indonesia, coming over to 3guards to observe the CCT lesson on that day. Wah! They going to observe Alpha company somemore. Talk about pressure. Their discipline still not up to my liking yet somemore. Hope they get their 'game on', on that date. Speaking of surprises and discipline, today Bravo Company was damn good. I myself was shocked. Didnt play, behaved themselves, was very 'garang', very agresive, and gave their best shouting. Maybe I was teaching the wrong company. But cannot be. They must have been on some drug. Maybe I should ask for some. Had some great times with my poly friends some time back eating dinner(Sorry about the Rice Bowl :p) and watching a very scary FA cup final at Chijmes. Liverpool likes to give their fans an exciting and LITERALY heart stopping game. Lost count how many times my heart stopped that day. Was shocked that Jas was actually interested in it. So Cool! Well, I'll finish off here. Leave you with some words of wisdom from Ynnib Nai- A day without sunshine is like, night.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


What helluva day is that? Well, I wanted the heading to be a day with all the important days that is near this date all roled into one. Get it? No? Scratching your head? Now scratching your bum? Well scratch no more! This is what I meant- Its Free meals-Labour-Election-Movie-Progress Day! They are all connected as well. Yeah! Well a few days ago, we all got our progress package. And being the very cautious and carefull (aka 'kiasu') citizens that we are, we straight away did our government proud by quickly drawing out our progress package money and squandering it! Yeah! Me, I havent splurged yet, but I used some of it to watch a movie at 'The Cathy'. 'The Cathy' is a cool place. I went to Cinema 1 which is also known as 'The Grand'. Was ushered to my seat by a cute gal which was nice and the leg room there is fantastic. Lol! It had a big ass screen with big red curtains. It was really a grand experience. But no shops are opened at that 6 storey or so complex. Just the cinema and the smell of construction glue and paint is opened. Watched 'The Wild'. Its an ok show. A really bad ass show is hostel. The most goriest movie I have ever seen. Easily 3 times worse than 'The Saw' and 'Kill Bill' combined! Indra of course enjoyed it. Its by Quentin Tarantino by the way and its R21. So kiddies, sorry but you cannot watch. Saw Janice there at the end of that movie. Nice to catch up with poly friends of course. Always a pleasure. Well, elections is comin up. My area is a walkover as usual which is great. Can't be bothered with politicians. Indra has to vote. He says he's gona vote for PAP. I wanted to know why. Thought he had an intelligent answer. Don't know why I thought that. I thought wrong of course. He's voting for them cause they gave him the progress money. WOW! "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" he said. Nice. Considering they are feeding us back our money that we gave them through taxes. Yes. Votes can be bought. If I had to vote, I think I'll just spoil my vote. The opposition needs someone strong and noticeable, with a plan to win votes and outsmart the PAP. The PAP can have my thumb up my own ass with their "We can't have freedom of speech" crap. Can't podcast and write things regarding the election on the internet. What the...? Can't we trust our own people to make good judgements on weather a report is telling lies or not and trust them to investigate reports and make a good choice? Are we that bad that, that can't be done? Well, that aside, Labour day is tommorrow. Happy Holiday people of Singapore! I realised that all my posts are done about once every 2 months except this post which is slightly earlier. So using tommorrow to rest and the progress money, my moms' office colleaque gave my family a lunch treat 'jus for the fun of it'. Wow! My mom sure knows how to make friends. And later, my Aunt wants to treat us for dinner. All these treats all in one day! Wow! Since Easter just went by, check this out- Well, I think this is the longest post from me ever! So I'll stop here. Don't worry (Or maybe you should!). I'll still provide you with your dose of wise sayings from Ynnib Nai-
A President of a democracy is a man who is always ready, willing, and able to lay down your life for his country.

Monday, March 13, 2006

It's March!

You can learn more about the above pic, the coming general elections and 'the fight' between the PAP and the opposition at The one place where the news can be trusted. hehe... Anyway, back to our regular scheduled program- I just realised I have a lot of friends who are born in March. Just last Saturday, I had lots of offers to go out. 2 Bithday requests and another 2 to just go out and hang out. Then I realised that this coming Saturday I will be out celebrating my poly friends birthday alongside another poly classmate. The following week is my church friends birthday. All that plus those born in february and I'm trying to not blow my money out of the bank. You know, I'm sure humans have a mating season like animals. Cos like it gets pretty quiet for awhile, and then all of a sudden, like as if it hunting season, holy smokes, the birthday people are shooting you with birthday cards the moment the months of December and March come up. Bang! You know, last Saturday was funny cos it got me thinking, "Now, I got a lot of offers to go out. But when the time comes when I really want to go out, all of a sudden, everyone will disappear." Just like a scene from a show with a cross between The Twilight Zone and Just for Laughs. But doesn't that happen? One moment your swamped with requests to go out, then all of a sudden, u can actually hear crickets chirping and ants eating.
HAHA! That's life. Anyway, Ive been told I'm getting soft when I teach. I blame it on 3 SIR. Actually, 3 SIR men have shown me a new way to teach. It is one that is un-army like, so yeah, naturally people look back and say, "What the heelll you doing?" But aiya, it was supposed to be a relaxed day, so enuf said! I'm going to leave you with the wise and impressionable words of Ynnib Nai- Laugh Alone..... And the World thinks you're an Idiot!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

To Tyler: Jesus loves you....... but everyone else thinks you're an asshole!

Wow! Everyone has been bugging me to update my blog. Is it really that popular? Cool! If it's that great, maybe I can soon get people to advertise on it and I can earn some money from that. Even cooler! Well anyway, enough of talking rubbish(Like that's going to happen). On to not-so-cool stories on my life. Well folks, after failing my IPPT by 7sec in my 2.4km run, and staying in as a result for about 7 weeks, I've finally passed and I'm free! Woohoo! Staying in actually wasn't so bad. It's just the nagging from a certain someone every 10pm at night that I couldn't stand. So as I ran my 2.4 again, he, and certain gay others were on my mind as I rushed toward the finish line during my 2.4km run. That mind game actually worked as this time I ran towards the finish line like a dog with rabbies (hope I spelt it right) and got there with 10 seconds away from achieving the silver standard. Well, now that's over, I can go back to my slack ways. Haha! But nah, tomorrow, sunday, I'll be going to East Coast to run with my poly friend Indra. Today was a quiet day. Felt lazy, so decided to stay home. I still haven't bought my sneakers. Im supposed to buy my new shoes for the English New Year. Now it's Chinese New Year and I still haven't bought it. Need someone with good taste like, I can't believe I'm going to say this, Lionel or a girl to help me choose like My cousin Rachel or Jamaliah. Well I think I'll end here. Leave you with some wise fortune cookie sayings for the Chinese New Year- Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.