Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Schoolgirls find 'no C in Ribena'

Remember when we were small, and our mommy's and daddy's would buy us Ribena because it was healthy and apparently held 4 times more vitamin C than oranges? And we would love to take it because it tasted sweet, and we believed it was healthy and the nice blackcurrent with the smiling face on tv made us oh so happy? Well it's true that blackcurrents have 4 times more vitamin C than oranges, but just read this-

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - The makers of one of the world's best known fruit cordials were fined by a New Zealand court on Tuesday after two schoolgirls exposed them for misleading consumers over vitamin C levels in their Ribena blackcurrant drink.
High school students Anna Devathasan and Jenny Suo in 2004 tested the drink against advertising claims that "the blackcurrants in Ribena have four times the vitamin C of oranges."
Instead, the pair found the syrup-based drink made by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) contained almost no trace of vitamin C, and one commercial orange juice brand contained almost four times more.

GSK had paid little attention to the claims of Devathasan and Suo until their complaints reached the New Zealand's consumer watchdog Commerce Commission.
But appearing in an Auckland court on 15 charges of breaching the New Zealand's Fair Trading Act, GSK pleaded guilty and admitted its ads may have left consumers with a wrong impression of the health benefits of Ribena.

The judge fined the company a total NZ$227,500 ($163,700) for misleading advertising.
The Commerce Commission said GSK's behavior was a "massive" breach of trust with the New Zealand public.

"As a multinational company specializing in pharmaceuticals and health products, they should have had robust testing and quality assurance systems in place to ensure its product was delivering what it promised," Commission chair Paula Rebstock said in a statement.
GSK told the court it had not deliberately set out to mislead consumers, and the fault lay with its testing methods.

"The fact that some of our products had incorrect labeling is to us, unacceptable, and we sincerely regret any confusion caused to customers who feel they may have been misled," GSK said in a statement.

The court also ordered the company to place advertisements in major metropolitan New Zealand newspapers to correct its mistakes.
"We're just blown away that anything we could have started as a consumer could have blown up into something so huge," Devathasan told Radio New Zealand.

Ribena, first made in the 1930s and distributed to British children during World War Two, is now sold in 22 countries.

Take that lovers of that sick drink! Lol! I did not make this story up and it's in todays 'Straits Times' and todays 'Today' for those who would want to read more. According to those newspapers, Singapore is testing the drink right now and I guess we'll be hearing about it on 'News 5 tonight' soon. And you wonder why you got sick so often even after drinking loads of Ribena.

Saturday, March 24, 2007



Hi to all! I'm very excited today because next friday, 30th of March, I'll be going to Australia! I'll be going to Melbourne. I can't wait because-

  1. It is my first time travelling to anywhere outside of South-East Asia
  2. It is my first time travelling on a plane (so freaking awesome!)
  3. It is my first time going to Australia (which actually goes back to point number 1)

I'll be going there for holiday, and to visit my cousin. Shouldn't be worse than my Batam trip. You guys heard about that one? Well if you haven't, you shouldn't. Wasn't a very good trip. Only thing noteworthy of that trip was the nice 2 hr aromatheraphy massage I got for just $24. Other than that, two days one night there and I did nothing but watch tv in the hotel while my friends 'enjoyed themselves'. Supposed to go to the beach according to my friends plan, but in the end, didn't even get to look at it. Was a very wasted trip. Wel, at least now I get to go to Melbourne and experience what Australia is all about. So my friends, I wish you guys Au Revoir, and I'll definitly blog about the trip when I get back on April 10, if it is a good trip. Haha... Well, I expect it to be a good trip, and till then, always look on the bright side guys. You heard me Jas? You're last blog entry was a very stressfull one. Hope you're doing ok. Thats what the wise Ynnib Nai told me. I leave you with this example he gave me-


Friday, March 09, 2007

ORD! (Continued)

Rage Against The....

Unforgetable! LOL!

All in the Family

My '62nd Close Combat Instructors' Army mates. Happy ORD to us!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


ORD is so close I can smell it. There's a sweet smell about it. I've got the countdown timer on the bottom left panel of the screen. It's like new years countdown but better. To all my 62nd batch mates in army, A Happy ORD to Us in advance. Cheers!