Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy -Belated- Friday the 13th!

An abomination hath been done, The wheels of motion turned and spun, A quarter moon past, Time runneth fast, Our countdown already begun.

Hi there blog reading folks. I wonder how many of you thought twice of reading this post after seeing such a title. I like how whenever Friday the 13th comes around, there will always be someone who will say, "Ei, tomorrow/today is Friday the 13th you know?" Then, there will be a short silence. Followed by carrying on whatever it is you were doing. Haha... Life is funny that way.
Sunday was Fathers Day. We just went and brought our dad to a restaurant for Lunch and that was it. Very low key. It's strange. It's like a day that did not or should not exist. Not like mothers day. Wah, flowers ah, chocolates ah, wishing your mother, the hugs after that. I think it's because subconciously, we all are afraid our moms will fall into depression should we forget such a day. Fathers day, it's like we wish, give our gift, mission accomplished. Men are a simple species.
Speaking of countdown, I really cannot wait for my Vietnam trip that I will be going for in July. Will be leaving on 22nd July (Tuesday), and will be back on 25th July (Friday). Me and 3 others will be going to Ho Chi Minh City. Talk about a week of relaxation. And my friend managed to book for us a VIP suite at a hotel for about S$80 to S$90! How cool and cheap is that?! My friend wants to celebrate her birthday there, hence she came up with this trip. So there will definitly be partying there. Wooooohooooo!!! Cannot wait, cannot wait, cannot wait...!
Wel, as for my life, I have been in my job for 6 months and I have another 6 months before my contract ends. Then I will have to see what I want to do with my life. And so many movies I want to see this summer! And seriously, so little time and money to see them all. Zohan, Hulk, Never Back Down, Handcock, Wanted, Kung Fu Panda, etc. Argh....! And my house bill just came- $400 for electricity and water! Crap! $400 out my wallet so fast. Well, that's life.
So, I will end my scary blog here (scary for me anyway), and leave you with something for singaporeans to think about from the wise Ynnib Nai-
"What is a free gift? Aren't all gifts supposed to be free?"