Thursday, February 24, 2005


Well, yesterday met a long lost friend. Haven't seen her for about 3 months. We went to watch Hide-and-Seek. It was an ok show. There is a surprise twist that was revealed in the middle of the show. It would have been better if it was revealed at the end of the show, but the show needed to continue after the surprise was sprung. I give it a 7/10. I actually knew the surprise before I even went to watch it cause I thought it wouldn't be that big a surprise, and asked my friend to reveal it. Darn! It was a really big surprise. Well, it made understanding the show easier but less exciting knowing the ending. I aint gonna tell you peeps what is it. The show is gonna run out if you guys want to catch it. Well, incase you peeps still don't know, I'm going into army on the 12th of March, Saturday. Aint got much time left on the mainland. My church friends are helping me do the countdown. Got all my stuff already, I think. Meeting my school friends who also going army but at a later date, on Monday, though not confirmed yet. We going Jurong Swimming Complex. So been doing a lot of surfing. Check out my 'Home News' guys, under 'In This Issue!'. Cool Singapore shit stories. When go in, click the 'Enter TalkingCock!' Harry Lee is Lee Kuan Yews' english name. I apparently didn't know that. Just read the local news, political news, sports, international news, and the jokes section. The games section there also very funny. If you cant understand the singlish, or if its too 'powderful', they have the Cocksford Dictionary to help you. Like 'Gahmen' is actually 'Government' in singlish. Also found out about ''. Damn cute, and sadistically funny. They got new episodes! Well dats all I got for today. Long post. Cheers!

Monday, February 14, 2005


Well I've been watchin quite a bit of movies lately. One was 'Hotel Rwanda', a true story which I give a 7/10. The most recent was a DC comic movie from the comic Hellblazer called 'Constantine'. It was really a great movie. I found it to be better than Keanu's most noticeable movie 'The Matrix Trilogy'. I give it an 8.7/10. It's about a guy who can see demons. He then commits suicide but is revived. After which he finds out he is condamned to hell for trying to commit suicide. So he goes around doing exorcisms as he thinks this will 'buy' his way into heaven when he dies. Unfortunately, he finds out from a half-breed, which is a half angel-half human that he still is condamned to hell eventhough he has done many exorcisms as that is not the way to get into heaven. If you're wondering- "then how can this bugger get into heaven?", watch the show. He then finds out demons, who are only supposed to influence and not interfere, are breaking the rules and entering 'Earth's plane'. And that Satans son is trying to enter as well. It's one hell of a great show and I recommend you guys, my peeps, to go and watch it before the show runs out. And I can't wait for the movie, "Hide and Seek" to come out. It's the next movie I plan to watch. Well you guys take care and till another of my movie previews- Au Revoir!

Monday, February 07, 2005

New blog!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Well folks, my fans and peeps have been asking me to give another of my disputed World Famous blog articles. Haha.... Well 1st of all, like my new blog layout and what I did with it? Well I didnt do much, but it took me a long time to make my wording the same style as the blogs. Like the song? Some people supersticious. (Dont know if thats the right spelling. Must check with the editor later) Ask me why I play dead womans song. Well cos that dead womans song is too nice not to be played! Darn it! Well I feel the song fits my blog. Its been a long time since I blogged and I had to try to make another good blog layout after my last blog layout decided to go wonky on me. Well Chinese new year is just 2 days away. I dont celebrate but I still like the holiday feel. Sorry, I love it! I wish people happy chinese new year or happy hari raya and they ask me for what when they dont celebrate. Cos its the holidays dude! Lighten up and get with the program! Like Neo in the Matrix. (Now I'm just babbling) Well, for an update on my life, nothing much. I went to Wayne's b'day party a few days ago. Its not bad. The cake was nice! Wayne seems to have been working out, unlike me. Well, went slacking with Jasmine, Chin Long (I'm spelling it english way, cos I dont know the chinese way) and Claire. Quite fun. Ive never spoken to Chin Long before. He's quite a friendly guy. I played soccer against my brother's team just yesterday. Won 6-5 but it shouldnt have been such a close scoreline. Both teams had stupid goalkeepers. What can I say. But after so long running, it felt good. Well, my blog is pretty long today. I'd better sign off. But before I do, another great quote from the wise ynnib nai- dog run faster than cow!