Monday, April 16, 2007


Found this article at Haha.... Other rejected names are-

  • Newater Sorbet
  • Mee Siam With Hum
  • Xia Xue’s Xue Gao
  • Minister’s High Calorie Salary

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pics from Aussieland

Hi! I've just came back from Australia on Tuesday. It was really a great trip! I went to Healsville Animal Santuary, where I petted and fed Kangaroos, went surfing at the beach,(can't stand up on the board though),went along the Great Ocean Road to see the 12 Apostles rock formation, went to the wineries, and also to Crown Casino, apparently the 2nd biggest casino in the world. It was really great. I even met Chris while I was there. I didn't realize he was in Melbourne, but he found out through my blog and he brought me to 'Grilled' for dinner. Thanks for that mate! Really enjoyed it. Cant put up the really nice photos, cos those weren't digitally taken, but I can put up a few ok ones here so enjoy!

~My Darling Cousin Rachel, ~Me and Chris , ~Me at docklands (Look at the yauchts!)

~At Healsville Animal Sanctuary,~At Max Brenon, ~City View

~To the Airport! ~Along the Roads ~At Healsville again

Digitally, that's basically what I have of photos. If you want to see some really nice photos of my trip, you've got to meet up with me, cos these photos doesn't do the Australia trip justice! Really had a great time. A special Big Thank You to my cousin, who ensured I enjoyed myself to the fullest over there, planning all the trips. I hope she's reading this eventhough I have like thanked her a million times already for all she's done, including letting me have an awesome accommodation there ;) Well folks, hope to meet up with you guys soon, to hang out and all. TIll then, that's the end of my entry. Cheers mate!