Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm Back!!!

Well, as my heading says, I'm back. At least for awhile. Well I wanted to change some of my blog settings like the music which Nqiap complained about, but my blogger template is screwed up. Maybe its a server problem or the nice crappy people at the blogger company is doing it because I have not used their site in awhile. So sorry folks, you'll be seeing the same boring crap for awhile. Haha..... Anyway, my cousins which Nqiap was drooling over at my b'day party has gone to Australia for awhile. In other news, my other cousin from England is coming over to stay at my place for 2 weeks, the one Indra was drooling over when he to came my house, and saw the pictures there. So basically, the past few weeks I have been cleaning up the drool left by my good friends. Haha.... Well, its been boring. I got the job at Swiss Hotel to be banquet waiter, but so far, I've only worked twice. I can choose when I want to work and so far, it's not been that often. I really can't be bodered right now and just want to take it easy. Been playing with my newly installed FIFA 2005 with my new flat screen monitor and my new G-Force FX5200 graphics card!!! Ah!!! The computer... some people can't stay home the whole day and just watch tv and play computer, but I can!!! And I'm proud of that skill that I got!!! Well, my church friend Lionel is having his belated 21st b'day party this saturday and my school friend Wayne is having his 21st party next week friday. More Parties!!! Well thats my life so far. Party, Sleep, Party, Eat, Party, Drink, what more do you want from life? WHAT?! Well thats all the rubbish I have to dish to you guys today. But before you start celebrating the end, here's some words of wisdom from ynnib nai- cow fart smellier than dogs!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Well, my 1st post of the new year. Happy New Year everyone! Haha.... Well yesterday I went to watch Meet the Fockers. It was really funny. It was a good show. It had everything, a good plot, and a mixture of slapstick comedy and verbal funnies. But I was not laughing a lot as I was not feeling well also. This time I think I had mini food poisoning. What the heck?! The baby was really cute and funny in the movie. I'd recommend you guys to watch it. Well, its the new year and everyone is off to school, except me! Hehe.... that's kinda cool. Been bumming around. I've quit my job, as I got a new one, better paying one at the fancy spancy Swiss Hotel. It's a waiter job. I start work this Saturday, so until then, I'll just bum around. Hopefully if I'm feeling alright, I'll go jogging on thursday. Still not a 100% after the food poisoning. Well my bro is also bumming around. He's awaiting his 'O' level results. He will be working with me when the job starts. Infact, he recommended me the job. Which reminds me, I've not been given my pay from my last job. I've been waiting a long time already. Bunch of clowns. The company is really a very stingy and stupid one. There is a better way to the the job, no, they will take the really troublesome and unreliable, cheaper way out. I guess that's the word- cheaper. Circus clowns! Well 2005 will be filled with A-R-M-Y, so I'm not really looking forward to the year, but what to do, every man in Singapore has to be trained to become pawns of war, so I'll just have to suck it up. Really suck it up! Well, till next time, I wish you guys a very good new year!