Friday, December 09, 2005

7sec = 2 Weeks

Yup! That's the new math equation I found out when I failed my IPPT 2.4km run by 7 seconds. Pathetic. Because of that, now I have to stay in SPT, or as it is now called, Army Fitness Centre(AFC), for 2 weeks of running and training. Well, the bright side is that I'm going to save a helluva lot on transportaion and meals. With Christmas coming up, that can only be good. And I can now get back into tip top shape. With my off days and duty staff duties to perform, it's not so bad. All my five static stations were of silver standard. Made some improvements as well on 2 stations. I was so scared of my static stations, that I concentrated my training on those stations only. I trained so well, that for the 1st time, when I jumped for my standing broad jump station, I got silver standard on the 1st try. For some reason, my shuttle run also improved. Got 9.8 seconds. I've never hit below 10 seconds for my shuttle run before. But the 1 station that I thought I will at least do ok in, I in the end failed it by 7 seconds. Well, this is my chance to make things right again at least. Maybe I failed because I ate too much during my birthday. :P Well, speaking of my birthday celebrations, I must say it was a hit. Surprisingly there was a band there to play on my birthday. And everything there really looked grand. Everyone who came made the celebrations even grander. I would like to thank everyone for making my 21st birthday so special. It was great! Well, that's all I have today. And Ynnib Nai is back with his ever wonderfull words of wisdom -
Nothing is fool-proof to a talented fool. =)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

My 21st!!!

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Its my 21st Birthday today folks and I feel on a high! My uncle's birthday was on the 1st, my mom's was on the 2nd which was yesterday, and mine? Its Today!!! Wooohoooo!!! Feels good for some strange reason. Haha! Later I'll be having me party at Trader's Hotel at 7pm at Cafebiz@The Piazza. Paying $40 per head, so please don't drop by uninvited unless you don't mind paying yourself, hehe... Those uninvited, sorry, but I could only bring along a few people and deciding who were the few was mind shattering! Like to thank my parents for organising such an expensive party. Don't know how many people you had to rob, cheat and steal from to organise this so thank you and thank you for loving me all these years. Like to thank family members and friends, especially Indra. He of all people, is the only friend wanting to continue keeping in touch with me by organising outings with me at such a regular basis, besides my church friends of course. Went out to watch 'Doom' which was quite an ok show. I give it a 7/10. That among other movies as well. It's pretty cool. Thanks bro! Well quite a few people will be there. Family, relatives, loved ones, friends, Nearly 50 people altogether. Expensive sia. By the way, did you guys know there are no malay commandoes? Found that out just recently. And that no malays are allowed to enter Hendon camp? I heard about it from a friend. Strange. If it's true, no wonder that there are people who don't trust malays. If the government doesn't trust them to be in certain 'high' positions in the army, it's no surprise that there are people in Singapore who dont trust malays. Well anyway, I see I have sidetracked. I'll end my post here. Ynnib Nai can't leave you with his usual wise sayings today as he too is out celebrating and partying today. Sorry guys. But he'll return in the next post I can assure you that, with more "how the hell did he know that" sayings. So till next time, Enjoy! =D

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Just Darn Bored!

Being in the military is like a blow job- The closer you get to discharge, the better you feel!

Yup! That's the tittle of my blog. Not bored in life. Sometimes my life can be too exciting. What I meant is that I'm (Gasp!) getting bored of posting posts on my blog. Its getting boring having to regularly update my blog. Plus now I need to be more carefull about what I post. Singapore is now cracking down on bloggers that post racist or malicious remarks. I have not done so yet but I need to be more carefull from now on, on what I write in my posts. EURASIONS ARE ARSEHOLES! Shit! There! I said it. I even used bad language. Now I'm gonna be arrested. Crap! I used bad language again! Anyway... Just want to warn you people, I've watched this war movie entittled "The Great Raid", which is also based on a true story of a rescue mission during World War 2. Don't watch it! It's not great at all! In fact, it was boring! They should have warned us by giving the movie the tittle, "The Boring Raid". First time I slept in a movie theatre. Paid 9 freakin 50 to sleep in air-conditioned comfort. What the...???!!! I've watched Doom. It's ok. It's totally a guy show. All action. And I mean all action! It had a good lookin gal in the show, but there was no lovey dovey thing going on. The girl didnt even get a peck on the lips. Just all out guns-a-blazing, kill-em-all! kinda show. Got movies I want to watch, but with my financial assets literally flying out of my hand, I'm not sure if I will get to watch any movies. Already, I think I'm gonna miss 'The Legend of ZORRO'. Well, It's holidays galore this week. Wish you all that you guys totally hang loose and enjoy yourselves this week. Long post. So I'll end now. Here's the ever usefull Ynnib Nai- Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Back Online!

Yahoo! No, not the website but the fact that I'm screaming for joy! My PC has been down for a long time now and now it's been reformatted and I can once again surf the deep and dagerous waters of the internet and talk crap on my blog like what I'm doing now. Haha! But for some strange and smelly reason (no, I did not fart), I cannot use the message box. You know, the one under 'Comments?'. Or anyone elses message box in my friends blogs, for that matter, excepts Adeline's. So for now, I'll jus reply using my blog. Shahida- I did not delete your blog link. Just that my blog went bonkers and everyone's link got erased. So I had to put every link back, but I could not remember your blogs address. SO there! Jasmine- I is for Ian. Bet you didn't know that =P Indra- Yo dude! Don't know if you still read my blog. But I read yours, and all I can say is that I'm here for you dude. For the moment, just nurse your leg back to health. Well, poeple have stumbled on my blog. Namely Tyler. Sorry dude. He stumbled and fell and dislocated his shoulder. Next time be carefull ok? Haha..... kidding. Well, I finally passed out as a Close Combat Instructor. Very hard to keep fit. I'm posted to teach units in the Changi area. Not that I'm complaining. Love the Changi team. But sometimes, by the time lesson finish, I rush off to Toa Payoh Stadium, it'll be very late already. Then hungry and prefer to eat rather then train. Hard to self motivate. Run by myself boring also. Well, I've ranted and bored you to death long enough. So I'll end here and do what I do on almost every post, and that is, leave you guys with the ever wise sayings of Ynnib Nai- If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives. Then you will be afraid to cough.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Well, last week, I finally recieved my diploma in Information Communication Technology from Singapore Polytechnic. Got to see my poly mates once again like Janice, Fizah, Indra, Nqiap, Asri, etc. It was great as I got to book out from camp. Training has been physically tough. 8am to 5.30pm all out training all the way with only the lunch break to save us and give us that bit of rest. They do have 5 minute breaks now and then but that aint enough, though of course I would take it as its better than nothing. I've been posted to the east side to train the commandos, 3rd guards and an infantry unit. Its freaking far from my place. We were all promised that we will be posted to a place near our home, but in the end, the army being what it is, shocked us by spreading all my batch mates to places far from home. It will take me about one an a half hours to reach those camps from my place. Plus I must be there at 7.30am, meaning I must wake up at some unearthly hour and leave my place when everyone is just waking up. Cramp.... Anyway, I've watched the V for Vendetta trailer and its actually pretty good. Its stars Natalie Portman and is taken from DC's Vertigo Comics. It's pretty good and you can view the trailer here. Well I got to go. But as usual, I'll leave you with the good ol sayings of Ynnib Nai-

We wonder why the dogs always drink out of our toilets, but look at it from their point of view: Why do humans keep peeing into their water bowls?

Friday, June 17, 2005

Unarmed Combat Instructor

Product label On Nytol Sleep Aid: "Warning: May cause drowsiness." (One would hope.)

Yup! That's my vocation people. It's confirmed! I'm going to be an Unarmed Combat Instructor. Here's the information-
POSTING: G6-Army, REPORTING AT: Pasir Laba Camp, Blk. 130, Room #03-02, TIME: 8am. Yup! I'm going in. Now just have to 'tahan' 5 weeks of in-camp training. Should be able to pull it off. Watched Batman Begins. Didn't think Christian Bale could pull off playing Bruce Wayne and Batman, but in the end, he did! Infact, I think he's the best Batman ever! Better than Michael Keaton. He does it so well. And with Morgan Freeman, Ken Watanabe, Michael Kaine and Liam Neelson inside, it makes the show so much better. And the car looks like a tank, but when u watch the show, all of sudden, the car is one cool vehicle! The show was pretty good. I give it a 7/10. The director really did a good show by showing 'the real Batman'. Batman was actually cool in the show. The movie was made pretty dark as well. Darker than the Michael Keaton Batman. The next movie I can't wait to see is Fantastic 4. Well that's all I got to say. I leave you with the ancient and ever wise sayings of Ynnib Nai-
Never pass up an opportunity to pee.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Passing Out Parade. That's what it means. It means I've finally passed out from a recruit to a Private. Finally. Now I have 11 days of leave which ends on the 19th of June. So from now till then, it's, FREEEEEEDOOOOMMM!!!!!!! Woohooo!!! Well, hope I get to go to the School of Physical Training camp at Jurong to become a Close Combat Instructor. Can't believe I had to go for a National Education tour on my block leave. So actually my block leave is 12 days. Well, If I get my dream to become a Close Combat Instructor, I just have to "tahan" 5 weeks of in camp training, learning to do splits and flying kicks. The splits is going to kill me, but I jus need to "tahan" 5 weeks. After 5 weeks, I get to book out everyday at 6pm. Cool huh? More freedom than most army vocations, but the pay is low, and my rank can at most go to Corporal. But I value the freedom as the most important thing. And there'll be no S.O.C for me and I don't have to "chong sua" in the jungle or wherever. The good life. Hope to see Batman Begins. Well, that's all I got to say. Leave you with a wise proverb from Ynnib Nai- It's Not How You Pick Your Nose, But Where You Put The Booger!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

European Champions!

Liverpool has won the Champions League! Champions of Europe for 2005! Wow! From 3-0 down, came back to equalise, and then Jerzy Dudek saves 3 Shevchenko shots! One from a penalty which he had to score to keep Milan in. WOw! And to top it off, 9 more days to P.O.P! Woohoo!!!! Next week will be really hectic. IPPT test, S.O.C, Passing Out Parade rehersals, games day, recruits night, etc. Last Friday I had Basic Assault Course (B.A.C). Had to backcrawl in mud and shit. Well cant wait for 7th of June! Walk on! Walk on! With hope, in your hearts. And you'll, never, walk, alone. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE! Walk on!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Long Weekend!!!

Sign on a church bulletin board: You aren't too bad to come in, You aren't good enough to stay out.

Woohoo!!! Its a public holiday and that means a long weekend. Finally. Its great to have a break from army. Now I'm the platoon I.C. for this week. Even more stress! Well I'm playing soccer with my platoon tomorrow morning. Will be going for 7am mass and then head on down to yishun to play. Then going to watch 'Star Wars: Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith' in the evening. Busy day tomorrow. Well I slacked when I reached home. Fell asleep at around 4pm. Was really tired. I had AGR in the morning, which is running for 25 minutes at a certain pace. This whole week from wednesday has been nothing but running. Run, run and more running. Thursday, our company was supposed to go for some army safety exhibition. Got all dressed up in my smart 4, some got scolding for not shaving, kiwi'd my boots, got on the ferry which brought us to Changi ferry terminal, waited half an hr for the bus, 1 bus came, platoon 1 went, the rest of us waited for the other busses, the other busses never came, the company 2IC said there was a cock up at HQ with the busses, so we jus ate and drank at the ferry terminal, waited for a ferry to take us back, went back, and slacked for the whole day. Platoon 1 came back in the evening. That's the army! Cocksters. Well glad we could slack though. Well thats all I have folks. I leave you with an excerpt taken from the army- The company sergent is briefing the recruits: "For the next ten weeks the commanding officer will be your father, and I will be your mother. Incidentally we are not married, so you know what that makes you..."

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Well, wonder if anyone have realised that I've finally got a new post up. What's up in my life so far? 4 letters- A-R-M-Y. So nothing much. I book out on Saturday and book back in on Sunday. So pathetic. Not much time to do anything at all. I try to go out, but the time limit is really very small and so even if I do go out, can't do much. I try to read my email. Well saw one of my poly friends- Indra, in army. He is in Pegasus Company. He and Wayne and Nqiap all in the same Company. They are my poly classmates. He and Wayne in the same section some more. If I had passed my Nafa, I might have been in the same company and section as them. What a waste! Oh well, already made new 'so called' friends in the army already anyway. But I hope I can meet up with Indra, Wayne and Nqiap next week on Saturday as next week will be their 1st book out. Hehe.... Good for them. Well don't want to waste too much time typing so much. Have to do more surfin and watch more tv while I still can. So I'll just leave you with wise sayings from the ever wise and ever reliable Ynnib Nai- Always forgive your enemies, Nothing annoys them so much.
- Accept than some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.
- Do not feed a cow a plate of baked beans!

Friday, March 11, 2005

End of Days!

Well, I decided to post one just before I go in. Watched two more movies during the week. One movie that I watched was Hitch. Infact, I watched it twice in one day. Don't ask why, it was one of those days. Anyway, it was funny. It was one of those funnier romantic comedies that I've watched so far. I won't give a rating for this one though. I'll just say, if you've got a significant other, go and watch it with him or her. Another movie that I finally got to see (thank goodness!), was A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was a good movie. I give it a 8/10 rating. It had a morally meaningfull message. WoW! Say that again really fast! Haha!!! You tried didn't you?! Haha!!! Anywho.... Back to my post, what I wanted to say as well was to not watch it for the funny element eventhough Jim Carrey is in it, because the movie was not meant to be a comedy. It's has a Harry Potter type of setting with strange creatures lurking with strange props and out of this world places. The story is about 3 kids, who became orphans after their parents died. They have different gifts each. The boy remembers everything he reads, the girl is like Mcgyver, making inventions and things with ordinary things found lying around, and the baby, who is the cutest and funniest in the show, her gift is she's good at biting! So they are relocated to stay at strange relatives houses. Jim Carrey plays the evil relative Count Olaf who is out to get their inheritance money, no matter what it takes! So I recommend for you peeps to sprint to the nearest cinema NOW to catch it seeing as how the show is running out. Well, sadly, that's all folks. Will be SOME TIME before I post again. So till then, Ciao for now! And the wise Ynnib Nai will leave you with his teachings on life - Man who scratches backside should not bite fingernails.
- Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.
- We are born naked, wet, and hungry, and get slapped on our butt ... then things get worse.

Friday, March 04, 2005


On sale Now! Free Puppies: Part German Shepherd, Part Stupid Dog!

Well, I went swimming at Jurong with my future army buddies. Haha...... Wayne, Indra and Ngiap. Felt that the day wasn't as I expected it to be. We splashed around in the water and immediately after that, went home. We arrived too early, before it opened and spent the day at KFC. Wednesday went gym. Wanted to go on treadmill but wore the wrong shorts. My shorts was loose you see, and I don't want to think about what would have happened if it fell! Then Wayne and Lionel followed me home. Wayne bought some of my clix. Thank goodness cause I really need the money. Anyone else want to buy clix, just give me a holler! I'm willing to sell. And this time, I'm willing to sell everything. Even the spiderman ones. Lionel just looked at some of the comedy clips of SNL and etc that I have on my PC. Then all went home. Been doing nothing much but that and going church. Later gonna slack with some of my church buddies. I really can't wait to watch Liminy Snickets- A Series of Unfortunate Events. Saw the trailer in the cinema and it looked pretty good. Thats the next show I'm aimming to watch. Yesterday saw WWE and they had an advertisement on Wrestlmania 21 about Triple H doing a Mell Gibson aka William Wallace impersonation from Braveheart. It was damn funny. Most entertaining sports show. Well that's all I gotta say for today. I end of with a quote from the wise ynnib nai- Next time you wave, use all your fingers!

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Well, yesterday met a long lost friend. Haven't seen her for about 3 months. We went to watch Hide-and-Seek. It was an ok show. There is a surprise twist that was revealed in the middle of the show. It would have been better if it was revealed at the end of the show, but the show needed to continue after the surprise was sprung. I give it a 7/10. I actually knew the surprise before I even went to watch it cause I thought it wouldn't be that big a surprise, and asked my friend to reveal it. Darn! It was a really big surprise. Well, it made understanding the show easier but less exciting knowing the ending. I aint gonna tell you peeps what is it. The show is gonna run out if you guys want to catch it. Well, incase you peeps still don't know, I'm going into army on the 12th of March, Saturday. Aint got much time left on the mainland. My church friends are helping me do the countdown. Got all my stuff already, I think. Meeting my school friends who also going army but at a later date, on Monday, though not confirmed yet. We going Jurong Swimming Complex. So been doing a lot of surfing. Check out my 'Home News' guys, under 'In This Issue!'. Cool Singapore shit stories. When go in, click the 'Enter TalkingCock!' Harry Lee is Lee Kuan Yews' english name. I apparently didn't know that. Just read the local news, political news, sports, international news, and the jokes section. The games section there also very funny. If you cant understand the singlish, or if its too 'powderful', they have the Cocksford Dictionary to help you. Like 'Gahmen' is actually 'Government' in singlish. Also found out about ''. Damn cute, and sadistically funny. They got new episodes! Well dats all I got for today. Long post. Cheers!

Monday, February 14, 2005


Well I've been watchin quite a bit of movies lately. One was 'Hotel Rwanda', a true story which I give a 7/10. The most recent was a DC comic movie from the comic Hellblazer called 'Constantine'. It was really a great movie. I found it to be better than Keanu's most noticeable movie 'The Matrix Trilogy'. I give it an 8.7/10. It's about a guy who can see demons. He then commits suicide but is revived. After which he finds out he is condamned to hell for trying to commit suicide. So he goes around doing exorcisms as he thinks this will 'buy' his way into heaven when he dies. Unfortunately, he finds out from a half-breed, which is a half angel-half human that he still is condamned to hell eventhough he has done many exorcisms as that is not the way to get into heaven. If you're wondering- "then how can this bugger get into heaven?", watch the show. He then finds out demons, who are only supposed to influence and not interfere, are breaking the rules and entering 'Earth's plane'. And that Satans son is trying to enter as well. It's one hell of a great show and I recommend you guys, my peeps, to go and watch it before the show runs out. And I can't wait for the movie, "Hide and Seek" to come out. It's the next movie I plan to watch. Well you guys take care and till another of my movie previews- Au Revoir!

Monday, February 07, 2005

New blog!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Well folks, my fans and peeps have been asking me to give another of my disputed World Famous blog articles. Haha.... Well 1st of all, like my new blog layout and what I did with it? Well I didnt do much, but it took me a long time to make my wording the same style as the blogs. Like the song? Some people supersticious. (Dont know if thats the right spelling. Must check with the editor later) Ask me why I play dead womans song. Well cos that dead womans song is too nice not to be played! Darn it! Well I feel the song fits my blog. Its been a long time since I blogged and I had to try to make another good blog layout after my last blog layout decided to go wonky on me. Well Chinese new year is just 2 days away. I dont celebrate but I still like the holiday feel. Sorry, I love it! I wish people happy chinese new year or happy hari raya and they ask me for what when they dont celebrate. Cos its the holidays dude! Lighten up and get with the program! Like Neo in the Matrix. (Now I'm just babbling) Well, for an update on my life, nothing much. I went to Wayne's b'day party a few days ago. Its not bad. The cake was nice! Wayne seems to have been working out, unlike me. Well, went slacking with Jasmine, Chin Long (I'm spelling it english way, cos I dont know the chinese way) and Claire. Quite fun. Ive never spoken to Chin Long before. He's quite a friendly guy. I played soccer against my brother's team just yesterday. Won 6-5 but it shouldnt have been such a close scoreline. Both teams had stupid goalkeepers. What can I say. But after so long running, it felt good. Well, my blog is pretty long today. I'd better sign off. But before I do, another great quote from the wise ynnib nai- dog run faster than cow!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm Back!!!

Well, as my heading says, I'm back. At least for awhile. Well I wanted to change some of my blog settings like the music which Nqiap complained about, but my blogger template is screwed up. Maybe its a server problem or the nice crappy people at the blogger company is doing it because I have not used their site in awhile. So sorry folks, you'll be seeing the same boring crap for awhile. Haha..... Anyway, my cousins which Nqiap was drooling over at my b'day party has gone to Australia for awhile. In other news, my other cousin from England is coming over to stay at my place for 2 weeks, the one Indra was drooling over when he to came my house, and saw the pictures there. So basically, the past few weeks I have been cleaning up the drool left by my good friends. Haha.... Well, its been boring. I got the job at Swiss Hotel to be banquet waiter, but so far, I've only worked twice. I can choose when I want to work and so far, it's not been that often. I really can't be bodered right now and just want to take it easy. Been playing with my newly installed FIFA 2005 with my new flat screen monitor and my new G-Force FX5200 graphics card!!! Ah!!! The computer... some people can't stay home the whole day and just watch tv and play computer, but I can!!! And I'm proud of that skill that I got!!! Well, my church friend Lionel is having his belated 21st b'day party this saturday and my school friend Wayne is having his 21st party next week friday. More Parties!!! Well thats my life so far. Party, Sleep, Party, Eat, Party, Drink, what more do you want from life? WHAT?! Well thats all the rubbish I have to dish to you guys today. But before you start celebrating the end, here's some words of wisdom from ynnib nai- cow fart smellier than dogs!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Well, my 1st post of the new year. Happy New Year everyone! Haha.... Well yesterday I went to watch Meet the Fockers. It was really funny. It was a good show. It had everything, a good plot, and a mixture of slapstick comedy and verbal funnies. But I was not laughing a lot as I was not feeling well also. This time I think I had mini food poisoning. What the heck?! The baby was really cute and funny in the movie. I'd recommend you guys to watch it. Well, its the new year and everyone is off to school, except me! Hehe.... that's kinda cool. Been bumming around. I've quit my job, as I got a new one, better paying one at the fancy spancy Swiss Hotel. It's a waiter job. I start work this Saturday, so until then, I'll just bum around. Hopefully if I'm feeling alright, I'll go jogging on thursday. Still not a 100% after the food poisoning. Well my bro is also bumming around. He's awaiting his 'O' level results. He will be working with me when the job starts. Infact, he recommended me the job. Which reminds me, I've not been given my pay from my last job. I've been waiting a long time already. Bunch of clowns. The company is really a very stingy and stupid one. There is a better way to the the job, no, they will take the really troublesome and unreliable, cheaper way out. I guess that's the word- cheaper. Circus clowns! Well 2005 will be filled with A-R-M-Y, so I'm not really looking forward to the year, but what to do, every man in Singapore has to be trained to become pawns of war, so I'll just have to suck it up. Really suck it up! Well, till next time, I wish you guys a very good new year!