Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Soft Drink Company to Run PAP’s Next GE Campaign

The PAP has chosen the company behind the ‘Anything’ and ‘Whatever’ sodas to run their next General Election campaign.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Good day mates! And howdy do's! Yesterday was a public holiday and I went out to watch the most anticipated movie of 2007- Spiderman 3! (Most anticipated for me that is) It was a great emotional roller coaster ride. I went to watch with my bro, sis, Lionel and Indra. I really loved it. I thought it was the best spidey movie ever and that it should just stop here at part 3 because it won't be able to be topped. I loved it and my sis loved it as well. Some people like Lionel and Mq and Alex has said it was not good. I don't know why. Maybe they expected more action. But I initially was scared it would not be good storyline wise, with 3 villians crowded in. I was afraid that the emotional aspect that I love spidey for, would be sacrifised for the 3 villians. But the director did a great job in incorporating that emotional aspect along with the 3 villians. I thought the director did well in keeping in line with the spiderman storyline as well as making it as real as possible with lifes situation. Real spidey fans should go catch it. If your like Lionel, Alex, and Mq, then you would be dissapointed I guess. Was great just hanging out with my bro and sis and Lionel. Never really done that. Hope to do it more often.
I woke up this morning, and low and behold, Liverpool won Chelsea on penalties to advance to the finals of the European Champions League! Woohoo! Liverpool won 1-0 courtesy of Daniel Agger, who was spotted by Steven Gerard during a spot kick. Chelsea defenders, who were concentrating on marking Kuyt and Crouch, didn't notice the defender who slotted the ball in the back of the net. Sweet! But because Chelsea won the 1st leg 1-0 as well, it was not enough. And so, Pepe Reina, Liverpools goalkeeper,came to the rescue during the penalty shootout,saving 2 penalties to help Liverpool through to the finals, where they will meet either Man U or AC Milan. To tell the truth, I hope it's AC Milan because I just don't want Man U to have a chance to even smell the trophy. I mean, c'mon! Man U is more or less already going to win the League. And they also have the FA cup to fight for against Chelsea. I think that's enough trophies. Well anyway, we will all know tomorrow which other team is in the final. So till then, I'll leave you with wise words from Ynnib Nai-
“I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.”