Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Valentines/Chinese New Year!

First off, I want to wish everyone who for some strange reason or the other, decided to read my blog, a very Happy Chinese New Year! I'm finding it really hard to blog nowadays. Not that I have blogged regularly in the past. Its just that last time the computer was in my parents room. Now its still in my parents room, but its tilted in such a way that anyone who decides to even step into the room, can clearly see what I'm typing on the computer. And I hate writing with someone peering over my shoulder. Ya, I know if they just go to the site, they can already read everything I'm typing. Its just uncomfortable, and distracting. As I'm typing now, my hand is getting ready to scroll down so no one can read what I'm typing. Well the Chinese New Year is special to me this time round, cause it marks the beginning of the end for certain things. For example- the beginning of the end of Army life. That's just one example. Just need to clear my medical, and get my pink IC. Can you feel the love people? Valentines Day just went by. How was yours? Good or no good? I guess what's more important is if the whole year was good or no good. I just shifted house to Cashew Heights condo at Cashew Rd for those who still think I live at Bishan. It's just temporary till my parents find a place to call our own. My uncle, who recently got a bigger apartment, let us take his old one till we find a place. I have one more addition to my family. My Grandma. So now, I need to share a room with my bro and my sis this time in a room smaller than my room I had in the Bishan flat. It's small, and clothes are everywhere. My underwear each time I give to wash, seems to do a vanishing act on me and disappear. I still got a lot to spare, but the hunt for the missing underwear continues. First thing after my army that I'm going to do is to get ready for a good old holiday trip to bintan or batam on 15 to 16 March. Can't wait. Something other than Malaysia. I have options on what I seriously can do after army. You know what. I have not picked which path to go yet. So many paths. So many options. None of them are standing out for me. None are calling to me. People are asking me. I will make a decision after the trip. Will take things one step at a time. Need to do some research. Research the options, and research myself. The new priest at Saint Josephs Bukit Timah gave a sermon,and everyone thought it was good. To me, the best part of the sermon was when he emphasized on loving our enemies and 'turning the other cheek'. But, how many will actually follow what he emphasized? I think most will only remember the funny part about the Chinese New Year greetings. Hear the good and easy part, throw out the rest. What's the point of having a good priest? Hope is fading. Well, I will need to consult Ynnib Nai on my future. So I gotta go. And he leaves you with this wise saying to think about-