Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Begining

Well, I have applied, and I have finally got a new job. It's a System Administrator post, whereby I help clients in the US and other countries that are having problems with their emails. I never wanted an IT job, but i was desperate to get out of my present company. And after hearing about the job scope, which sounds like something simple I can do, and after hearing about what the progression is like, which is also good, I believe that this is something that would be best for my future. I didn't take it blindly, even though I was desperate. I really thought about it. Located in Raffles Place near the MRT, the location will be easily accessible when I move to Toa Payoh next year. They pay OT, which my current company doesn't, and it is a 5 day work week. I don't have to work on Saturday and Sunday. I work shift, and I get an allowance if I work night shift, so it is something extra on top of my basic. And the shift timings are good also, such that I don't have to go against the crowd during rush hour. And the night shift timing is such that I can still take public transport. It really sounded good. So I have taken up the offer and tendered my resignation last Friday. 2 weeks notice. I start my new job on December 10th. I went for the interview on Friday during lunch. And I thought that they will think about it and let me know on Monday if I got the job. But after the interview, the interviewer asked me if I can wait 5 minutes for her to talk to management. Of course I said yes, and 5 minutes later, she asked me if I can sign that day. So after considering everything, I said yes. Really excited about it. My current job, I don't see myself going far without losing my sanity at the same time. And the management is really poor. A lot are quiting lately, and the offer came at the right time, when they were about to increase my workload by 3 times. I believe that it is a God sent, considering the timing. And I thank him for all the blessings he has given me and for always being there for me. Looking after me. I had to say it. Well, that is all from me. A short update on the latest biggest happening going on in my life. And here is Ynnib Nai once again with words to live by-
"Follow your dreams, except for that one where you're naked at work."

Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy Deepavali/Birthday

To all my friends and family members who are November babies, I wish you all a very Happy Birthday! And to all Hindus', Happy Deepavali!

So the SAW series of torture/horror films is still going strong, even though the story is more or less the same each time. So here are some suggestions for THREE-LETTER SINGAPOREAN HORROR FILMS (and their tag lines)...

1. TAX: On April 15, it’s time to pay…

2. LAN: Just what is turning our teenaged boys into mindless zombies?

3. GST: Just when you thought it was safe to go into the mall again…

4. ERP: It’s here… to drive you mad.

5. CPF: There’s nothing inside… or is there?

6. SAF: On Tekong, no one can hear you scream…

7. MRT: Do you dare enter… the tunnel?

8. SBS: Take a slow ride… to hell.

9. SIA: What happens when… there are snakes on the world’s biggest plane?

10. MOE: It’s time someone taught all of you a lesson.

11. GEP: Get out of their elite, uncaring faces… before it’s too late.

12. PCK the Horror Movie: The mole… it’s ALIVE!

13. SPH: What if everything you’ve been told is a lie?

14. PAP: You.. will… pay… and pay… and pay… and pay…

15. LEE: The horror that just won’t die


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dad's 50th Birthday

Last Saturday was my Dad's 50th Birthday celebrations. I must say that it was pretty good. Had helium ballons with the number 50 on them, good food, great Tiramisu birthday cake, and decorations proclaiming his 50th year on planet Earth. My bro and I bought the gifts. My bro bought a belt and tie, and I bought a jigsaw puzzle, which we used markers to write a message on. Had the frame for it, but we voted that it would be fun for him to piece together the jigsaw for himself, and see the message unfurl. So we broke it up and presented it to him like so. Overall, a great party!
I really need to find a new job. Badly. I never had a real sense of job satisfaction here. 1st it was too much work. Now, amazingly enough, I'm actually complaining that it is boring. I guess, all along, I was never really into it in the 1st place. My immediate superior last week felt demoralised, as they changed his confirmation details. So he left the rest of us to do as we please. And another 2 of my colleagues are also demoralised as they had their confirmation details changed also. They want to leave and infront of my immediate superior, were searching for jobs. My immediate superior then proceeded to search for jobs for himself as well. That's the story of my working life. I feel like I'm in some office comedy.
So good pals of mine, if you know of any jobs involving sports or the outdoors that are available, please proceed to let me know. You can message the details in my chat box. So a short post from me today. As usual, I leave you with words of ultimate brilliance from Ynnib Nai-
"A fool and his money can throw one hell of a party."