Friday, November 26, 2004


Well, its finally official. Ive passed my exams and will soon get my Diploma in Information Communications Technology. No more Poly. Well, while everyone like Indra was dancing up and down in happiness, I started having that feeling that a lot of crap is going to hit me and hit me hard. And that crap is spelled A-R-M-Y. Have still not recieved my enlistment letter. Well anyway, to celebrate Indra's happiness, we went to orchard. Went Far East to eat lunch. I had rice in chilli crab sauce. Not bad. Served in a hot plate with seafood. No crab meat though. How ironic. Then chased a few short skirts till we finally arrived at cineleisure and played arcade there. I had to go home early so I only played one game of Daytona. My car for some reason damn slow. Indra had fun playing Spawn and a game called 18 wheeler, where you have to drive this truck to a destination in a certain time. He was really enjoying himself. Haha..... I bought a Incredible Hulk comic for the first time. It was an old comic and it cost me just 1 buck, so why not. Not bad. Indra didnt buy. His reason? I quote,"If you buy ten, then you'll be spending $10." I was like thinking, then just buy 1! Anyway, not bad. Had fun. Later going out with my mom to watch a play performed by Cheryll Miles, my cousin. Well thats all I have for today. Be back soon to post another "exciting" post on my life. Haha..... remember- To Infinity, and Beyond!

Monday, November 22, 2004


Yo folks! How's it hanging? Haha... Just came back from my trip to Kuala Lumpur. Can you believe it, that this was my first time there? And not only that, that this was my first overnight stay outside of Singapore without my parents? Well anyway, went there, saw the twin towers, but didnt go up. Wanted to. Went 1hr after it opened in the morning, and all the tix was sold out to school kids and tour groups. What a bummer! Watched a movie in Malaysia for the first time. Saw The Incredibles! Not bad. To me, it was better than Shark Tale. The cinema, only a bit more spacious in terms of the aisle, but thats about it. Lots of 1st times here. 1st time in a 5 star hotel. My friend had a 60% discount voucher, so we took it. They had cable, so it was a whole night of switching between ESPN and Star Sports watching soccer. They had a hellava spacious bathroom! 2 sinks, 1 bathtub and 1 shower room. Service was great. 1st time I see smiling malaysians serving us. Had little time to shop there. 1st time going to church there. Not bad. 1st time ate prata there. Prata there is delicious! Dont know why they cant do it like that here. And its cheap too. 1st time walked across the causeway to malaysia. Not a bad experience. I wouldnt mind doing it again. The hotel had a swimming pool and gym to use for free. Just used the swimming pool. Nothing much. It was on the 6th floor. It was kinda cool knowing that. Overall, the trip was quite rushed, so not much time to properly enjoy it. Before KL, won a pair of tix to see 'Saw'. Not bad. Disgusting and gory. Which is why I thought it was a good show. More than lived up to my expectations in the gory department. Give it a 6.5 rating as story line was not bad, but also at the same time, not that great. Well, my post is quite long today. Will stop here. Til next time, Thundercats, Roar!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Hari Raya!

Well folks, yesterday, 10pm, the above show was on, on channel i. It was meaningless but hilarious. Wouldn't waste money watching it in the cinema though. Haha.... How did they come up with such an idea? The wonders of the human mind.... or is it frailties of the human mind? Anywho... went out with Indra and Ngiap on friday to geylang. Since I couldn't eat any land based animal meat on that day, I bought fried crab to eat. Indra chipped in a lot. Thanks dude! It was helluva delicious! The shell was fried so much till it was sooo crispy. And it was fried with temerine. My gosh! Slurp! Next hari raya must buy again. They only sell it during the fasting month period. Cost $10 for the whole fried crab but every ounce of it was worth it! Navy sent me a recruitement thingy in the mail. Ngiap got it too. They did a transformers comic navy style. Came with 2 cards, a nice transparent bookmark which I can't find now (Darn those transparent things!) and a very small transformers keychain thingy. My dad, a former navy man, was commenting on how great the navy was when he saw it, before telling everyone its a crazy idea to sign on. All I have to say is, Contradiction, a new scent by Kelvin Kline. Well tuesday I have to go school to return some library stuff. Might meet Wayne. Well that's all for todays report. Well, I'm Ian, signing off.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Well,yesterday went out with ngiap for training. Coach did not come so we trained ourselves. Long time never run. Nearly died doing a mere 400m sprint. Been going gym only. Then had dinner with him. On tuesday met Wayne at school while I was returning my DVD. He had to meet school counceller for a report to be sent to the police. Then he drove me to his house where I just read his comics. Tomorrow Ngiap and Indra coming over to my house then going out for dinner. Been waiting for my enlistment letter. Im hoping to get it soon and hoping that I can go in before Christmass, but right now, it looks very unlikely. Looks more like I'll be going in January. Well, been doing nothing much. Going out here and there for awhile and just enjoying life I guess. Reading comics, playing pc games. Well, I'll be waiting for that letter. Not eagerly, but more of a 'I cant wait to get it over' feeling. Well thats it for my blog today. As Koko would say, "Koko Crunch!"

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Its Over!

Mummy!!! Its over!!! *sob*

Well, its finally over. I haven't gotten my results yet, but I think this is it. No more poly. Im really really sad. Really really going to miss it. I dont want to repeat again though. Dont want to waste my parents money. Going to miss especially Wayne, Ngiap and Indra. From last semester, Aisya, Jasmine and Kelvin. Going to miss the rest of the forward gang and some teachers. I know I can meet up and go out with them, but I wont be meeting them as often as last time- Monday to friday in school. And once army hits, it will be very very hard. Well, as the song goes, I hope you had the time of your life, and in SP, I did. haiz, so sad. *sob* Sorry I've not updated for so long, but sometimes my blogger posting page screws up. Well, Au Revoir! Ciao! Sayonara! Arigato! Goodbye and Thank You SP, for giving me great friends, good teachers, and a great time!