Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

To Tyler: Jesus loves you....... but everyone else thinks you're an asshole!

Wow! Everyone has been bugging me to update my blog. Is it really that popular? Cool! If it's that great, maybe I can soon get people to advertise on it and I can earn some money from that. Even cooler! Well anyway, enough of talking rubbish(Like that's going to happen). On to not-so-cool stories on my life. Well folks, after failing my IPPT by 7sec in my 2.4km run, and staying in as a result for about 7 weeks, I've finally passed and I'm free! Woohoo! Staying in actually wasn't so bad. It's just the nagging from a certain someone every 10pm at night that I couldn't stand. So as I ran my 2.4 again, he, and certain gay others were on my mind as I rushed toward the finish line during my 2.4km run. That mind game actually worked as this time I ran towards the finish line like a dog with rabbies (hope I spelt it right) and got there with 10 seconds away from achieving the silver standard. Well, now that's over, I can go back to my slack ways. Haha! But nah, tomorrow, sunday, I'll be going to East Coast to run with my poly friend Indra. Today was a quiet day. Felt lazy, so decided to stay home. I still haven't bought my sneakers. Im supposed to buy my new shoes for the English New Year. Now it's Chinese New Year and I still haven't bought it. Need someone with good taste like, I can't believe I'm going to say this, Lionel or a girl to help me choose like My cousin Rachel or Jamaliah. Well I think I'll end here. Leave you with some wise fortune cookie sayings for the Chinese New Year- Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.