Monday, August 30, 2004


Haiyah, how to start. Yesterday was really bad. Had a really bad game. First of all, we really played like crap. Ball control was non-existant. Secondly, had my crown jewels grabbed by a classmate. *cough*Azril*cough*. Thirdly, our 2 best players got injured, and our star defender left at half time. And lastly, we got thrashed. My team B got slaughtered. Annihalated. Instead of whipping ass, we got our ass whipped. Like cream. It was really bad. They scored 3 goals, and we scored 3 as well. For those of you wondering how come we still got thrashed when both teams scored the same amount of goals, just think about it real hard. It was the worst we have played since the begining of the year when i joined this team. How come we have degraded, I dont know. On the high note, ching chong got red carded. It was kind of stupid. In all my years of playing soccer, I have never been red-carded, though there are times when i should have been. But thats the only high note. Seeing him get red carded. Granted, the other team played well, and their left mid-field played really good with his dribbling. But it was really bad playing on our part. Really, really bad. Some opponents im gona see later in class. Embarasing! Im gona hide under the table now.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Rock!

Well, went gym today with Wayne. Was still sore from training on tuesday but still managed to have a good workout. Was late as I was late meeting up with my Negotiation Skills group. "Paiseh". I kinda like hanging out with my Negotiation Skill group. They're fun, we talk crap, and enjoy each others company. After gym, went for a swim. Saw a gal without her top on but she was laying face down! Wow! Had a few babes. Me and Wayne talked crap. One thing he sugested was that there should be a Predator 3, staring The Rock! As the British would say, "What a capital idea!". I really think that would be a hit. With The Rock as an action star, and The Predator as a comic book star, it would be a hit! Crowds will come by the millions to see it! Been training as I have a match this sunday with Chin Chungs team. Sorry Chin Chung, but I hope my team kicks your ass this time. And my Team A is gearing up for a rematch! What a day! I will update you about the match when it comes. It will be an exciting match! Who will win? Who will lose? Who will come out of this alive? Stay tuned to find out!

Monday, August 23, 2004


Went to watch AVP with my slacking buddies, Gerard (whom we all refer to as Geps), and Henry. Good show, but it would have been nicer if it was longer. The Predators looked weak as they were getting their asses handed to them on a silver platter by the Aliens. But hey, they were newbies and this was their 1st time hunting anything at all. Infact, they planted the Aliens on Earth to hunt. Needed the humans so that the Aliens could breed. Because of that, a 'love' triangle developed. A "I'd love to kick to kick your ass" triangle that is. And so, the so called 'mini war' starts, between humans, Predators, and of course Aliens whom everyone loves to hate. My my, what a show. I would give it a 7/10 rating. After that, went for prata and drinks. Had Barons, my fav beer. The beer for man. Haha! The humans should have drunk that while fighting the Aliens and Predators. At least they would have died happy. Or handed some to the Predator as a momento. The Predators always seem to hand humans some momento. We should have done them a favor and handed them a bottle of Barons. Haha! Well folks, thats my review for the day. Will be back with another one when I go for my next movie. That might take awhile.

Friday, August 20, 2004


Actually today dont feel like posting, but I think I should update mah peeps, as I might not be posting tomorrow. So here goes:- Well, yesterday was graduation for my previous classmates of 'the mysterious class that doesnt exist': 03. Went out with Wayne, Aisyha, her bf, and Jasmine. Was supposed to meet at 11:30am. But due to a very big 'miscommunication', we only met at around 12:45pm++. Was pissed and hungry that we met late, and I wanted to ask for a big treat due to that. Suddenly the tables were turned, and before i knew it, the other partys' face was blacker than mine and waynes put together. So that plan was thrown violently out the window. Kept laughing cause I taught the miscommunication was pretty funny. Jasmine was asking me to stop laughing, but when could i do? I had to find the funny in that situation, rather than be black faced throughout the whole outing. That would have ruined the day. Had lunch at Shaw Lido and then went for pool. The outing was good, but would have been better if we had hung aroungd longer. That would have been achieved if not for the miscommunication. And would have prefered it to be in the evening, but most of them were busy in the evening. Well, all in all, it was good to be out with some of my classmates. Had quite a bit of fun, and i hope in the future, that more classmates of 03 would go out together. Well, got to go and get ready for school. But dont worry, as Arnold would say, "I'll be back!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Whoever Wins, I Lose!

Yo! Anyone knows how to add pictures to blogs with the current format? Anyway, today I came up with this perception:- That Indra is Like an Alien, cause he is merciless and does things on just instinct. That Nqiap is like a Predator, cause he is smart and deadly with his remarks. And im like the ordinary human. Whoever wins, I lose! Haha! Which reminds me, despite the bad remarks Ive heard from my forum about AVP, I still cant wait to see it. Today, Mr. Chew, my IAD teacher, talked about how he accidently killed a bird by giving it kiwi juice. Only a teacher like him can come up with such a story. Then later, I remembered my dads story about how he killed a bird by feeding it nestum. Haha! Its a small world! Well folks, Thats all i have to say for today. But dont be dissapointed. I'll be back with another story which will play no significant part in your life! Haha! Ciao! (:

Monday, August 16, 2004


Well went to the dentist..... Again! Had an appointment. So sick of going to the dentist. Stupid teeth! Its really a killer trying to maintain them. Then came to school straight after that. Infact, im in school now typing this. Have reached here waaaayy early. Went to have lunch at foodcourt 1, where the sky is always blue and the grass is always green. A very happy place. Haha! It was crowded like crazy. Wanted to try the chicken and egg bowl at the japanese stall. Queued for about 45 minutes! Man, i had time to spare but really, i mustve been mad! When it was finally my turn, I realised why i had to wait so long. Some clowns at the front of the queue had bought take-away for like 8 people! Lucky i didnt queue further behind as there was a guy behind me who ordered 8 packets as well! But it was well worth the wait. The food was great! Not to mention cheap as well! A very important factor these days! Well, got NWI lesson latter. Hope Indra has handed in, or brought the material calculation to be handed in to Mr. Nazri Nasir as Nqiap would say. Then going training straight after that. Nqiap wont be coming so im gona miss his sarcasm at training. Haha!

Saturday, August 14, 2004


Yo! Im bak! Went out with Wayne, Indra and Nqiap yesterday. Jus went to check up on some cool toys being sold at peninsula, second floor, and for nqiap to buy his long awaited Twin 2! Cost him some frickin 80 bucks! Well,he has the money, and its his hobby. He was dissapointed it was not US cut. But hey, beggars cant be choosers. I know from following him around, thats its one hell of a rare toy. And he finally has it. Good for him! Indra reminded me of the 20 bucks I owe him for helping me pay my bill. Its been 1 mth and I feel really bad not paying him back after so long. But man, am I in depts. Im so in dept, my depts are in depts, if theres such a thing. Plus ive been telling him ive been to this movie and that. But the thing is, they were all free! Well, he's given me an ultimatum. Pay back by this coming friday. And he has told me to borrow if I cant. Asked if i could pay 2 bucks a day, or 5 every 3 days. He didnt like the idea. Well well, time to think about how im gona pay him. Well till nex time folks, keep those cameras safely rolling! Or blogs should i say! (:

Thursday, August 12, 2004

My First Post!

Hi! Im so excited! Finally got myself a blog. Well what can i say for today? Well, i didnt go school today. Was sick. My dad wants me to go the doctor later in the evening and not right away, as, according to him, there'll be a doctor who will be working at that time to give me 2 days MC. Problem is, im starting to feel better each passing hour. By the time i visit the doc, i might not have a reason to do so! Well thats it. My first post. I'll be posting more in the future, so stay tuned! (: