Sunday, November 22, 2009


I watched '2012' lately. Quite frankly, I think it is overhyped. It is just a family surviving one disaster after another. The luckiest family that ever lived. But maybe, that's just me.
I have nothing much to mention for now. My 21km training is going okay now. I feel good and ready to take on the terror. And Christmas is still not here yet. Such is life. So short post for today. And Ynnib Nai would like to impart some words-
"Never test the depth of the water with both feet."

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Chronicles: A retelling of events.

Like the poster above? A lot of offices have such 'motivational' posters in their office. So I decided my blog should start putting up such posters too. More to come.

A while ago, Christmas didn't seem that far away. It seemed like it could come by tomorrow. Or the day after that. Now, after 'many days', I am just getting a tad impatient. The world really needs more Christmases, cos is it just me, or is everyone just a tad more grumpy the rest of the year? The only other time people are just as happy, is Chinese New Year. And that is because the Chinese actually close their businesses for 2 days (which is the greatest miracle ever), and the rest of us are happy cos the streets are a tad less crowded.
I recently won a ticket to catch the 'This Is It' movie. It was okay, and I only receommend it if you are a big Michael Jackson fan. The biggest beef I had, was that I had won 'A Ticket'. Not 'A Pair of Tickets', which is usually the case, but just 'A ticket'. And there were so many empty seats around, which means they could afford to actually give away 'A Pair of Tickets'. This was my first time watching a movie by myself, and I must say that it felt awkward, and not as fun. After the movie, there was no one around to talk about how cool Michael Jackson danced, or how wierd he was, etc. This just makes me more convinced to never watch a movie alone ever again.
My training for my 21 km run, which is on the 1st week of December Sunday, is going along fine. My original training plan was to run 21 km 2 weeks before the actual half-marathon, 15 km 3 weeks before, and 10 km at least twice a week for the rest of the weeks. I have now changed all that. I have decided to run just 10 km 2 to 3 times a week, and then go for the 21km on the day itself, and wish myself all the best. To think there was a time I vowed to not run such 'mad' distances.
Lately, I have come to realise that I think a lot about stuff in my life, and each day I make a different decision and opinion on the same topic. It all depends on my mood and my train of thought on the day. Things like music, videos, etc, can also sway my thoughts one way or the other. It goes the same if I am hungry or too full. This is screwed up. It's more screwed up that I am aware of this. What a life.