Thursday, November 03, 2005

Just Darn Bored!

Being in the military is like a blow job- The closer you get to discharge, the better you feel!

Yup! That's the tittle of my blog. Not bored in life. Sometimes my life can be too exciting. What I meant is that I'm (Gasp!) getting bored of posting posts on my blog. Its getting boring having to regularly update my blog. Plus now I need to be more carefull about what I post. Singapore is now cracking down on bloggers that post racist or malicious remarks. I have not done so yet but I need to be more carefull from now on, on what I write in my posts. EURASIONS ARE ARSEHOLES! Shit! There! I said it. I even used bad language. Now I'm gonna be arrested. Crap! I used bad language again! Anyway... Just want to warn you people, I've watched this war movie entittled "The Great Raid", which is also based on a true story of a rescue mission during World War 2. Don't watch it! It's not great at all! In fact, it was boring! They should have warned us by giving the movie the tittle, "The Boring Raid". First time I slept in a movie theatre. Paid 9 freakin 50 to sleep in air-conditioned comfort. What the...???!!! I've watched Doom. It's ok. It's totally a guy show. All action. And I mean all action! It had a good lookin gal in the show, but there was no lovey dovey thing going on. The girl didnt even get a peck on the lips. Just all out guns-a-blazing, kill-em-all! kinda show. Got movies I want to watch, but with my financial assets literally flying out of my hand, I'm not sure if I will get to watch any movies. Already, I think I'm gonna miss 'The Legend of ZORRO'. Well, It's holidays galore this week. Wish you all that you guys totally hang loose and enjoy yourselves this week. Long post. So I'll end now. Here's the ever usefull Ynnib Nai- Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.