Friday, December 09, 2005

7sec = 2 Weeks

Yup! That's the new math equation I found out when I failed my IPPT 2.4km run by 7 seconds. Pathetic. Because of that, now I have to stay in SPT, or as it is now called, Army Fitness Centre(AFC), for 2 weeks of running and training. Well, the bright side is that I'm going to save a helluva lot on transportaion and meals. With Christmas coming up, that can only be good. And I can now get back into tip top shape. With my off days and duty staff duties to perform, it's not so bad. All my five static stations were of silver standard. Made some improvements as well on 2 stations. I was so scared of my static stations, that I concentrated my training on those stations only. I trained so well, that for the 1st time, when I jumped for my standing broad jump station, I got silver standard on the 1st try. For some reason, my shuttle run also improved. Got 9.8 seconds. I've never hit below 10 seconds for my shuttle run before. But the 1 station that I thought I will at least do ok in, I in the end failed it by 7 seconds. Well, this is my chance to make things right again at least. Maybe I failed because I ate too much during my birthday. :P Well, speaking of my birthday celebrations, I must say it was a hit. Surprisingly there was a band there to play on my birthday. And everything there really looked grand. Everyone who came made the celebrations even grander. I would like to thank everyone for making my 21st birthday so special. It was great! Well, that's all I have today. And Ynnib Nai is back with his ever wonderfull words of wisdom -
Nothing is fool-proof to a talented fool. =)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

My 21st!!!

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Its my 21st Birthday today folks and I feel on a high! My uncle's birthday was on the 1st, my mom's was on the 2nd which was yesterday, and mine? Its Today!!! Wooohoooo!!! Feels good for some strange reason. Haha! Later I'll be having me party at Trader's Hotel at 7pm at Cafebiz@The Piazza. Paying $40 per head, so please don't drop by uninvited unless you don't mind paying yourself, hehe... Those uninvited, sorry, but I could only bring along a few people and deciding who were the few was mind shattering! Like to thank my parents for organising such an expensive party. Don't know how many people you had to rob, cheat and steal from to organise this so thank you and thank you for loving me all these years. Like to thank family members and friends, especially Indra. He of all people, is the only friend wanting to continue keeping in touch with me by organising outings with me at such a regular basis, besides my church friends of course. Went out to watch 'Doom' which was quite an ok show. I give it a 7/10. That among other movies as well. It's pretty cool. Thanks bro! Well quite a few people will be there. Family, relatives, loved ones, friends, Nearly 50 people altogether. Expensive sia. By the way, did you guys know there are no malay commandoes? Found that out just recently. And that no malays are allowed to enter Hendon camp? I heard about it from a friend. Strange. If it's true, no wonder that there are people who don't trust malays. If the government doesn't trust them to be in certain 'high' positions in the army, it's no surprise that there are people in Singapore who dont trust malays. Well anyway, I see I have sidetracked. I'll end my post here. Ynnib Nai can't leave you with his usual wise sayings today as he too is out celebrating and partying today. Sorry guys. But he'll return in the next post I can assure you that, with more "how the hell did he know that" sayings. So till next time, Enjoy! =D