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Happy Veeeesak Day!

Reclining Buddha
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Hi all. It's been a long time since my last post since I took a break from blogging. It all started when my Godfather, Uncle Bonnie passed away. Was shocked and saddened as he looked like he would live on for at least another 20 years. He was pretty healthy considering that he hardly got sick or went to the doctors, and that he didn't have any illnesses bothering him. When he got admited to the hospital, it was his 1st time. And being his 1st time, we all thought he was going to fight whatever it was and come out of it. He was such a joker, even when we visited him in hospital. Well, we all know what happened next, but what really shocked everyone was that before we could get to his funeral on Friday, Thursday morning while I was at work, I got the call that my grandmother passed away in her sleep. Was tiring going from one wake to the other. So I took a little time off from blogging.
Life goes on and since then, I have continued my life as per normal, even taking a trip with my friends to Bangkok. The picture shows one of the tourist attractions we went to see there- The Reclining Buddha. Did a lot of shopping, took a sightseeing tour of the temples, bought pirated DVDs (Harrold and Kumar, Superhero Movie) and watched them at out hotel room, and of course, ate and ate whatever local food we could get our hands on. We climbed the Wat Arun Temple (Temple of Dawn) which was the fitness highlight of the day. Got cramped up on the way down steps that was so steep, I thought the monks must have been very tall with unusually longs legs which Ripley's should investigate. Everyone had to hold on to the railings, not for safety, but because it was almost impossible to climb it without the help of the railings, which shows you just how steep it was.
Speaking of climbing steps, has anyone climbed the steps at Mount Faber Park? I went there yesterday with my good friend Lia yesterday. There were so many steps, I was wondering if the person who made them had nothing better to do. A simple track up would have been sufficient. I found it totally unnecessary to have so many steps going up the hill. Anyway, that was only the beginning of the trekking trip, and that totally tired us out by the time we reached the top. Then, as we wanted to go to the Henderson Waves bridge, a bad sign misdirected us to the wrong path, making us go down some steps, which we had to go back up from once we realised we were going the wrong way. We finally decided to take another route and we reached the place. Had a magnificent view, and we continued to walk through the canopy tree top path, and some garden hub the government built. Did not know we had a Garden Hub. We seem to have a lot of hubs. Anyway, the whole thing according to the sign was 9+ Km. So felt damn healthy after that. Rewarded myself when I got home by eating potato chips my dad bought. I know I know. Shouldn't have done that. Anyway, I'm working on Vesak Day. Gotta go get ready soon. Hopefully, my next post won't be so long away again. But till then, I shall leave you with the long post and a saying from the ever Reclining Ynnib Nai-
"Just because one doesn't care, doesn't mean one doesn't understand."