Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Well everyone, Happy Belated Christmass!!! Haha.... Well, ive not blogged in awhile and a lot has been going on since. Too much to put down everything that has happened, so I'll just put in the highlights. First of all, the biggest highlight, is that I got diarhoea yesterday. No, seriously! What a bummer. Was in pain the whole day. Didn't even eat the whole day. Well, I don't think you guys want me to go into the specific details of diarhoea, so moving on..... Well, on the 26th, I went to church to celebrate my group's feastday, which is St. Stevens Day. Not bad, played human monopoly which was really interesting and fun. I actually enjoyed an event organised by Lucas, or rather I should say, I actually saw Lucas organise an event. He is supposed to be the event coordinator of the group, but so far, plus this one, he has only organised 2 events out of the whole year. Well, since it was organised last minute, it didnt go 100% right, but it was at least 90% right. He didnt even get prizes which was the real bummer. Then went on to my cousins place. Was not bad. Got to watch some EPL, hear the people there sing and play the guitar, and then play "The Animal Game". One day I'll teach you guys how to play it, if you ask me nice, hehe.... But each time we lose, we had to down a shot of Gin. Nasty!!! In a few days time, going to my Godparents place, then to my auntie's place. Then doing a church marathon for new years. Going for an archdiocese alterserver thingy on the eve, then back to my parish at 11pm, then back there at 7am, then the next day, back there at 7am again. Wow! Now you guys know why I don't blog often nowadays. Well, seeing how I've spoilt your eyes from all these highlights, I'd better sign off. Till next time, Compliments of the Season!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Bro's Birthday

Christmass is coming, the goose is getting fat, let us put a penny in Ian Binny's hat! If you haven't got a penny, a simple wish will do. And if you haven't got a wish, then may God Bless you!!!

Well yes, now this time is my bro's birthday. Today. My sis decided to get him a hp, and I thought I'd bettre share with her as it must cost a bomb. And it's just as well as I didn't know what to get my bro this year. Anyway, I paid for only like 15% of the cost of the gift. The hp got camera some more. Mine until now doesn't even have colour! *sigh* Anyway, Watched National Tresure yesterday with my secondary school mate Idrus. Not bad the show, but I think it would have been more exciting if I knew American history well. The clues to the treasure being about what some American dudes did before. Anyway, I finally bought for myself new street soccer shoes. Turf kind. Finally! But now I'm running low on cash. Hopefully I get paid in full tomorrow on my payday. Well, as Adeline mentioned in her blog, I too can't wait to watch Meet the Folkers, the sequel to Meet the Parents. Meet the Parents was sooo funny, that I can't wait to see this sequel. And Christmass is only a few days more! Can't wait, Can't Wait! The celebration, the lights, the colour, wow! Its a one of a kind celebration and holiday. Cool! Till then, I wish all my blog readers a great festive season ahead! Ciao for now! :D

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Well, I am now working. Its tiring but at least I get some pocket money. And I get to work from Monday to Friday only. The thing is, I'm working the graveyard shift. My work starts at 10:30pm and ends at 6:30am. Its labour. I work at Singpost, sort a bit of mail, carry lots of sacks of mail and load them into the trucks. At least there is a lot of breaks. I once worked the afternoon shift cause they needed people, 2 words- Never Again! Even if they begged me. Work like a dog and the pay isn't worth it. Went for Nqiap's birthday party on Saturday. Wayne didnt come and neither did Janice. In fact, none of the forward gang came except Chin Chong. Well it was buffet style, and we had cake as well. Bought him a Spawn figurine. I liked it, haha.... Well that the new fantastic four poster above. I had to put it in. It looks great! Can't wait to watch it. Went Malaysia on Monday to buy new clothes for Christmass. So now I have more shirts to add to the orgy of shirts that I got on my Birthday. Haha.... I'm getting trendy :P Well Im pretty tired now. Jus came back from work to update. Can't think of what else to write. ZZZzzzz......

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Dec Babies!

Well, Abraham's birthday is today, so is Nqiap's. Happy Birthday guys! Mine is on the 3rd, My mum's is on the 2nd, my auntie's on the 4th, my uncles on the 1st, my brothers on the 23rd, and I'm sure i missed out a few as well. So many birthday's, so little time, as well as so little money. Don't forget that Christmass is on the 25th and well, talk about the festive season! There is really a lot of festivities and celebrations this month. Wow! Well my Birthday celebrations went great. Except the speech part. Everyone was chanting "speech!", so I decided to give em what they wanted. Except in the end, I think everyone was just saying that for fun, and I had to cut the long story short. I think what they just wanted was for me to give a "toast", whish is totally different. Anyway, I recieved an orgy of shirts on my birthday. Everyone except my family gave me shirts. But hey, they were nice and you can't go wrong with a practical gift. Wayne was the only one who gave me a wallet. Well next is Nqiap's birthday party on the 11th at his place. Heard it's going to be buffet style. Yeah! My stomach is getting bigger. But do I care?! Noooo.....!!!! Army will help me lose all my fats. And I get paid for it! Woohoo!!! Yeah rite.... Went for training yesterday with Alfred. So long never go. Now I'm aching all over. Well folks I leave you with that and my well wishes these holidays! (:

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...... Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Haha.... Actually it was yesterday, so I'm wishing myself a belated birthday! Almost got wasted drinking with my friends yesterday. Yeah! Woohoo!!!! (:

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Mum's b'day

Well folks, today is my mums birthday. My sis wanted to share the gift, partly cause she does not have much money, so we got her some lip gloss thingy and some makeup thingy, you know, girls stuff. Well anyway, what a hectic week. My house has new windows, and to install them, we had to move stuff away from the windows, and my dad thought it would be a great idea to spring clean the house and repaint my room at the same time. My gosh! The house was in a mess, didnt know where to start, and I hate painting! Was taking a break and playing computer, got ingrossed, and my dad got mad. Well anyway, Blades coming out on Dec 8! Cant wait to watch it. Abigail Whistler, aka Jessica Beil, has a bow that can kill vampires!!! Saw the trailer. Wow! Not the arrows, the bow! The bow string has ultraviolet light to kill vampires. What the %*$#!!! How cool is that?!!! I'll tell you! Very Cool!!! Okay... *takes deep breaths* Anyway, Liverpool actually won Arsenal. Neil Mellor actually scored, and what a goal it was! I nearly flew out of my chair watching it! And just this morning, they actually won Tottenham! I didnt think they could win anymore with they amount of injuries they have. Well, looks like theres still a glimpse of hope for the Anfield faithfull. And Taufik won. I was hoping he wins. But the whole racial thing really is irritating. I didnt vote. Hopefully, hoping he won was good enough, haha.... Well what a week its been folks! Lots of exclamation marks to excite even a snail!!! I shall leave you with more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!