Monday, March 13, 2006

It's March!

You can learn more about the above pic, the coming general elections and 'the fight' between the PAP and the opposition at The one place where the news can be trusted. hehe... Anyway, back to our regular scheduled program- I just realised I have a lot of friends who are born in March. Just last Saturday, I had lots of offers to go out. 2 Bithday requests and another 2 to just go out and hang out. Then I realised that this coming Saturday I will be out celebrating my poly friends birthday alongside another poly classmate. The following week is my church friends birthday. All that plus those born in february and I'm trying to not blow my money out of the bank. You know, I'm sure humans have a mating season like animals. Cos like it gets pretty quiet for awhile, and then all of a sudden, like as if it hunting season, holy smokes, the birthday people are shooting you with birthday cards the moment the months of December and March come up. Bang! You know, last Saturday was funny cos it got me thinking, "Now, I got a lot of offers to go out. But when the time comes when I really want to go out, all of a sudden, everyone will disappear." Just like a scene from a show with a cross between The Twilight Zone and Just for Laughs. But doesn't that happen? One moment your swamped with requests to go out, then all of a sudden, u can actually hear crickets chirping and ants eating.
HAHA! That's life. Anyway, Ive been told I'm getting soft when I teach. I blame it on 3 SIR. Actually, 3 SIR men have shown me a new way to teach. It is one that is un-army like, so yeah, naturally people look back and say, "What the heelll you doing?" But aiya, it was supposed to be a relaxed day, so enuf said! I'm going to leave you with the wise and impressionable words of Ynnib Nai- Laugh Alone..... And the World thinks you're an Idiot!