Sunday, November 30, 2008

Almost There

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Wel, 1 more week to the Standard Chartered Run! Not a Run for Hope, Not a Run for Cover, Just Run. Run for Fun. I think I am ready. I am getting more pumped up as the day draws nearer. A lot of the sweat, the tears, and some blood, shed training for this event, and it all comes down to this coming Sunday, 7th of December (That was a bit exagerated). I said I was going to book my IPPT yesterday, but apparently, all the slots were filled, one week in advance, which normally does not happen. It was unexpected, but I am ok with that. Just decided to do some light running on my own.
Posters are all over the place. I saw one which shows a picture of an aged woman, and words written saying that after 3 kids, running 42km is nothing. Wonder if she really ran, or walked the 42km. And if she was under anaesthesia when delivering all 3.
I am in high spirits as well, because tomorrow is December, and I love December. The happiest time of the year. There will be parties, and there is just a good feeling about December, always. If one is feeling down, it won't take much for spirits to be lifted again. By the way, for those who are bored, here is someone's vlog that Azri sent me to watch- Christmas in Japan. Check it out.

And look at that picture from the upcoming 2009 movie: X-Men Origins- Wolverine! Coming out on May 1st. I am so psyched about that movie. And apparently, Gambit, the exploding card throwing cajun is going to be in the movie as well. Of course, we can anticipate more Marvel and comic book movies in 2009. As for DC comics, it will always be a movie about Superman or Batman. They cannot seem to be able to do any other movie about their other superheroes. Sad really.
Well, that is all from me. Will see about blogging again after I cross that finish line. So Happy upcoming Holidays everyone! And in line with World Aids Day which falls on December 1st, our wise Ynnib Nai has these words of wisdom to offer-
"Learn from your parents' mistakes: use birth control."

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Layout

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.

Hello all. As you have noticed, I have a new blog layout. Decided to get rid of the old, and in with the new. Do take part in the polls I set up. It serves no purpose, but with so many types of voting thrills out there- Survivor, American Idol, Elections, etc, and with people always wanting to give their 2 cents worth of opinion, I decided to jump on that bandwagon and set one up to provide you all with a small bit of excitement in your lives. For those of you who have no interest or knowledge in the subject matter, don't worry. I did not forget you. There will always be an option which tells everyone that you have voted 'you do not give a shit'. So go ahead. Click on an option. I know you want to.
By the way, I have set a limit of 15 days for the voting to take place in my polls. After that, you may or may not feel regret for missing out. I suggest that you just go ahead and vote, and not have that feeling of regret creep in. It might kill you.
My life these past few days have been filled with the usual. Go work, come back and go for a run (not everyday of course), then do the necessary (eat and sleep).
I just hope come 7th December, when it is time for the Standchart Run, I am ready for it, and won't end up sitting on the floor along the half way mark crying for mummy. I am still wondering what possesed me to join, but I guess I should just get over it and leave it as another mystery of the universe. I am glad though that I have people asking to join me whenever I train. Without them, I probably would not be training and would not be as prepared for the run.
About 2 weeks more till the Standchart run, about 4 weeks till Christmas, then about a week after, till the new year. How time suddenly seems to be fast-forwarding.
Speaking of time, for those wondering what am I doing up at this hour, I am actually trying to adjust my body clock as I will be working the night shift next week. I think at this time, I am able to write good crapology. There is something about feeling sleepy and forcing yourself awake with doses of sugar and caffeine from coke, that really make for good inspirational writing. Well, that is is all for this post. I end here and present inspiring words from Ynnib Nai-
"Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Long Time a Coming

Yo Hoe's! It has been some time since my last entry. I got motivated to write something since someone asked for my blog address. So new reader(s), welcome to my blog, which from time to time, is updated as regularly as a polar bear hunting during hibernation. Lotsa big events coming up.
First major event would be the 10km Standard Chartered Run that I signed up for, and will be taking place on the 7th of December 2008. Been training these past few days, slowly increasing my distance. Infact, just today morning at ungodly 6.30am, I went for a 6km jog. What possesed me to do such a crazy ass thing? I am unsure. I have put it down to madness. How I wish someone would just convince me and say- "Madness? This is not madness. This Is Sparta!". But no, no such voice. Just the voice that keeps telling me this is pure, 100% grade A money back guarantee, Madness.
I guess part of the reason is that most of my friends have signed up as well. 2 of them are also taking part in the 10km, and another 2 are taking part in the 21km.
When I pose the same question to them- 'why did they sign up?', I get various answers. Some say it is for the shirt that they will give us to take home. I must say, that is some expensive shirt. I have to pay $45 and run 10km just to earn that shirt. Others say, it is for that sense of accomplishment. I pity those fools. Then again, now, I have join the company of fools. Life is strange that way.
Along the way, I have decided to re-try taking my army fitness test on the last Saturday of November, since my fitness has been going on the up. Want to take some money from the SAF. That is my dying wish.
Last big event coming up would be the company dinner that is going to be held at Swissotel. Coincidently, it is going to be held the day before the Standard Chart Run. So if you happen to see puke along the roadside, there is a high chance that it is mine.
Other than that, the last movie I watched was Tropic Thunder. It was one of those 'leave your brains at the door and watch' movie. It was hilarious. It was a little bit like Leslie Nielsons Naked Gun, but at the same time, done very differently, and clearly a Ben Stiller movie. It was unique, as I believe this is the 1st time that a movie is being shown about a director making a movie. And in it, Robert Downey Jr plays a dude, acting as a dude, disguised as another dude. Confused? Go watch it.
I still have not watched the latest James Bond movie. Looking for someone to drag along to it. Heard mostly good reviews. Hopefully, this weekend will get to catch it.
Well, I'll end here, and hopefully, I will get motivated some time in the near future to write such crap again. Till then, I suggest you watch this- Matrix running on Windows
For those affected by the financial crisis, Ynnib Nai has agreed to lend his pearls of wisdom to help in these troubled times- "The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket."