Tuesday, August 21, 2007


They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they'd make up their minds!

So far I've watched two movies. Rush Hour 3 was funny and I think was a great way to spend National Day Eve. Watched it with my colleagues. At least my office now has more colleagues who are young and about my age, so that I don't feel out of place among 'old' people. Haha.... I know it's bad to say, but really! When I first joined, I was the youngest, and everyone else was talking about making shit loads of money. That's all dandy and all, but that was the only topic being talked about again and again. It's boring! At least now there are colleagues who talk about things my generation talk about. Like enjoying the simple things in life. So now, my workplace has a bit more younger feel to it.
The other movie was The Bourne Ultimatum. I must say that I have not watched the first 2 movies, but the exciting fight scenes in the trailers made me wana watch it. Was supposed to go Roller Blading actually, but it was raining, and so there was no choice but to choose another activity. So, seeing how I was looking forward to the movie, it was a good trade off. Plus I finally got a namecard holder and the latest issue of Amazing while on the way to the movie. So it turned out swell in the end. I really needed a new namecard holder, as my wallet looks unprofessional when I take out the namecards from it infront of clients. Plus the holder will ensure that my namecard doesnt get 'disfigured' in the wallet. I've also had a craving for candy floss, so I bought some which cost just $1.50 for a big plastic container of it, so I thought it was more worth it compared to the other snacks. Bourne Ultimatum really had a good storyline and the fight scenes didn't disappoint. Plus the ending was 'surprisingly good'. I would recommend to watch it, even if you had missed out the first two parts like I did.
After which, I went to have some middle eastern food for dinner somewhere at beach road. Can't remember the exact location. It was good! Too bad I can't remember exactly where it is, so now can't go there again, haha.... Overall, a good night for me. However, my friend commented that the feeling wasn't mutual. Well, what to do. I guess I'm just more easily pleased. Some people I guess expect too much. Well, that's all i have to write today. Really had the urge to post today. Goodness knows why. So pointless. Well anyway, as usual, I leave you with wise quotes from Ynnib Nai-
"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Well, another update. Blogging is just amazing. You have to wonder, do people give a shit on what I'm writing? Do I give a shit on what I write? And do I give a shit on weather people give a shit on what I'm writing? Questions upon questions.
Anyway, the past week or so, I've been doing things like ice skating. It has been a long while since I've done that. Rollerblading brought up the interest of trying out skating again. And I must say I was dissapointed. The place had gotten smaller. And of course, being the only ice skating place in Singapore, it was a rip off. You pay a lot to rent the blades that weren't sharpened or in the best condition. You pay for socks and gloves at prices that would make the ice melt. And all you do after paying all that money, is skate round and round the rink for an hour or so. The only good difference is that during that hour, they would make snow fall, which makes people like me who are easily pleased, excited like a dog. But the skating part was fun and I enjoyed myself. Just unhappy that the place got smaller and that it blew a hole in my wallet like the hole in the ozone layer.
I've also got a chance to watch The Simpsons Movie. For those who are fans of the cartoon, I urge you to go watch it. Then again, if you are fans, you don't really need my urging you to watch it. It was great and funny. Was surprised that there were so called gay scenes and that Homer showed everyone the middle finger. Wonder how all the parents are going to explain those scenes to their children. It was of course funny and hilarious. A truely good movie indeed. I can't wait to watch Rush Hour 3 and the new Batman movie- The Dark Knight. On my list of movies to watch this year.
I'm getting bored of my job. I don't think it is for me. It does not play to my strengths or interest. And I think this company is taking me for a ride. On Wednesday and Thursday, I've been waking up at 4am to reach the airport at 5.30am to bring the new workers to work. Then after that, I go office, then at 5.30pm I leave the office to reach the airport by 6.30pm to bring another batch of workers to work. In the end, I reach home by 10pm. I don't mind doing all this at all. But what I do mind, is the HR telling me that I can take a day off after what I did. Then when I go to the Assistant Manager(AM), to apply, she says it is not company policy to give a day off. What the hell is going on? Then, a senior worker comes to me saying I will be transfering to his team, and that I will be doing more of what I did with the Changi Airport workers when I'm in his team. I told him that transport wise, the 2 days of going there cost me nearly $200, with all the midnight charges, ERP charges, Airport charges and what not. So I tell him, my pay has to go up then. If not and I start doing this for 1 month, soon I'll be broke. He says that he will fight for me to get my salary up. He then comes back to me with 'good news'. Aparently, my pay will go up after my probation. My probation period is 6months by the way. He thinks I'm stupid or what? Even if I did not go to his team, there will be a salary review at the end of my probation period and I do expect my salary to go up then. The staff in this company is very nice, but then there is something seriously wrong with the management. But then again, isn't it common that people complain about management. Oh well, will stay for now and slowly see how things go. Let's see how long I can do this dance.
Well for now, that's the end of my story. I leave you with wise words from a wise person, Ynnib Nai-
“Don't be so intent on finding the pot of gold that you forget to look at the rainbow.”