Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!!! Boo!

Hi Everyone. I'm here to answer some questions. Questions like, did I go for the SIA interview? How did it go? Did I get in? How far did I go? How was the experience? What have I been doing since? How can I type this in the office?
Well my curious well mannered friends, I will answer all these unimportant questions and more! I will ask another question- What to get my dad for his coming 50th birthday? Suggestions? It is on Nov 3rd Saturday, and I am scratching my head so hard on this, that I can see my brain cells in my fingernails. Hey it's Halloween soon, get used to it. This is gonna be one long ass story.
So yeah, I did go for the SIA interview, but unfortunately, I didn't get in. I will tell you in detail what happened, step by step, on my fruitless journey to try to fly.
Well, I reached there at about 9.15am, but I wanted to go earlier. My friend told me he was going to arrive late so that was that. In the end, he arrived at 10am. So off we went, in formal wear and tie. It was held at The Stamford Swissotel, and the queue stretched off as far as the eye can see. It was madness. Like Singpore Idol, there were hundreds of applicants. That was just the start of my journey.
Well, in the end, we were grouped in 10s, according to gender, for the 1st interview. We were then herded into a room where we sat in a circle on chairs facing each other and 2 interviewers. So then, we were told to just introduce ourselves, and say something about ourselves and hobbies. So after hearing everyones 'inspiring' and 'exciting' stories, we all went outside where after some time, the results were revealed. Only 3 were selected. And I was one of them! Apparently, my speech was good enough, and so the 3 of us were taken to another waiting area. My friend though didnt make it, and off he went to the job fair at suntec, to seek out other alternatives. I was then expecting a one-on-one interview, as I heard that is the next step from friends who has been through such 'auditions', but low and behold, the system was changed. Next, I had to do a 'catwalk' audition.
My height and weight was taken, and I was told to stand in a corner, and walk towards the interviewer, turn left, then right, then put out my hands macarena style, palms down, then palms up. After which I was asked if I had any facial regime, to which I replied that I used facial wash, and gave some lame story about eating heaty food, to which we both laughed together, and she put me through to the next round. I was then told to have my lunch and come back 1 and a half hours later. When I came back, I heard there was not going to be any more swimming test. All interviews will be done on the day itself, and I will know at the end of the day if I am going to be a proud cabin crew member of SIA. So in I went for my one-on-one interview, and after answering some gruelling questions, I was told to read a passage, and I couldn't help but remember my oral exams during those stressful school days. After that, the interviewer told me that she will put me through to the last round, and not to be so nervous. I shook her hands in gratitude like I won an Oscar, and bolted out of the room. I was then told to take another 1 hour break.
When I came back from my break, it was 4pm + already, and I had to wait for another 1 hour for the last interview with management. It was nerve wrecking! The chair was miles away from where the 2 grumpy looking old interviewing ladies were sitting, like the American Idol final audition by the judges, and both shot me with questions non stop. After which, I proceeded to embarass myself by going to the wrong exit, and they had to direct me to the proper one. It was then that I realised I may have screwed myself. So after that, I waited outside for the results.
The receptionist, after some time, went in to see the interviewers, then proceeded to come out and tell me that I didn't get in, and that I should try again next time.
Well, it was a fun filled experience, that ended about 6pm and left me drained. It was like I just been through BMT and survived everything they can throw at me till the end. Anyway, that's the story of the SIA interview. If you have read every word, you must really be very bored with nothing to do. Hahahaha...! Ei, don't forget to give me suggestions on my dad's birthday prezzie, and I will finally leave you with words from wise Ynnib Nai-
Expecting the unexpected make the unexpected become the expected

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Should I?

They call it PMS because "Mad Cow Disease" was already taken.

Ello good people! If you're actually taking time to read my blog, you must be a damn good friend of mine. Haha! Either that, or you are plotting someting against me......... Anywho, a good friend asked me to update my blog, so by popular demand, I shall.

You know, for a short period of time, I was actually starting to like my job. I seemed to be getting a hang of it and I am finally confirmed and out of my probation period. I just have to attend a medical next week. The company seems to be finally hiring people my age who I can get along with, and I am now working at Clementi for the time being to help set up the new branch, which is closer to home.

Then this week, reality came crashing down. Confirmation means more work and less appreciation. I am strugling to work at the Clementi branch cos certain people don't want to travel all the way down to Clementi for an interview. And the project team which I want to be a part of, might not happen at all. My senior, who is supposed to head the project team, seems to be job hunting and demoralised as well. So I have started sending out my resume.

A former colleague asked if I wanted to join her company since there was an opening. I said yes and sent my resume. Apparently, it was rejected. She told me that her boss thinks my English is not good based on what I wrote in my resume. ???!!!! And my former colleague is from China, with English so bad that it takes awhile to figure out what she is saying. And she got hired! WTH?! Now that is embarasing! Maybe her boss version of good English is actually bad English? Was it opposite day, the day I sent my resume? Fish sticks!!

Anyway, 20th October 2007, Saturday, there is going to be an interview session for those wanting to join as cabin crew for SIA. So the question is, should I go? That is the big question now. Some have said go for the experience. Some say go, cos it pays well and I will get to travel at the same time. While there are those who say there is no future in that, and that I shouldn't waste my time. So what is your view? I'm holding a vote. Do reply and let me know you're opinion. Really wondering if I should go next week Saturday. Be honest, even if you think I shouldn't go cos I don't stand a chance. Leave your name afterwards so that I can hunt you down! Just kidding. But seriously, be honest and let me know!

Well, I will leave at that. I couldn't contact Ynnib Nai about his opinion on this, but the last time he spoke to me, he did leave me with these wise words-
"When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane and going the wrong way!"